Mercedes Church In Anambra Where Husbands & Wives Swapping Is Practiced


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January 13, 2017 – REVEALED: Church In Anambra Where Husbands Swap Wives For God-Given Partner With Mercedes Benz Car

REVEALED: Church In Abagana Anambra State Nigeria Where Husbands & Wives Swapping Is Practiced

This phenomenon is referred to as Uka Achi (Mercedes Church) in Abagana area of Anambra

The church founded by late Jeremiah Achi who died in 2014 had the culture of swapping husbands and wives for church members in the name of hooking them up to their original God-given life partner.

It is then wrapped up with a Mercedes Benz car if any of the partners agree to the swap.

Though the swap is not forced on church members, it is said that it comes in form of vision by the founder of the church.

When late Prophet Achi perceives that a church member didn’t marry his God-given wife, he will pick another wife for the man from the church to marry as the real life partner whether both are married with children or not.

Here is what a church member told Daily Telegraph investigators over the weekend: