Mercy Aigbe Committing Bigamy Because She Moved Into Another’s Man House While Still Married To Me

mercy aigbe bigamy

May 6, 2017 – Mercy Aigbe Is Committing Bigamy Because She Moved Into Another’s Man House While Still Married To Me

In this recent chat with Punch NG, Mr Lanre Gentry talked at length on what transpired between him and his estranged wife and how the mother of two had been unfaithful to him in the course of their short-lived marriage.

His words:

“I am not fighting with Mercy, she is the one plotting how to get out of the marriage and I am not a party to that because I have never touched her and I will never do so. She has mental problem and that is what is disturbing her for now.

There is a place I normally go to help her get herbal concoction to stabilise her condition, I would go there soon to get the herbal remedy for her. I don’t care about whatever anybody writes, I have granted an interview with the person that I trust.”

“Mercy is committing bigamy because she is still married to me and another man has rented an apartment for her. She has left my house for almost a month and she has been camped with the man. Marriage is not by force, I cannot force her to stay with me because I am not handicapped. She spends my money.

The car she uses, I bought it for her and it cost me about N9.8m, I have the receipt with me. I don’t have anything against Mercy but she should continue with whatever she has against me.”

“I don’t have any issue with Mercy. She has found a better offer than the love I give her so she wants to move on. I have helped her career and put her in the limelight but now she believes she needs another man that she can dupe. I have God by my side.

I still saw Mercy during the week, Wednesday to be precise. It was reported that she obtained a restraining order against me but the truth is that it is a kangaroo injunction.

Is it possible for the court to restrain me from seeing my child or a person that took my property out of my house? Is it possible? I learnt she went to the police but they did not lend her a listening ear so she decided to use the judiciary and we would meet there.

She went to the Lagos State government and was told that they prefer to reconcile marriages instead of dissolving them. I have never beaten Mercy and I would never do such” .

15 thoughts on “Mercy Aigbe Committing Bigamy Because She Moved Into Another’s Man House While Still Married To Me

  1. God will surely be on your side . These celebrities don’t want to get marry nowadays . She was just faking it because of your money but she didn’t have true love for you . She will not succeed

  2. She is not committing bigamy. She is not married to two men. She has moved out of the marital home due to a breakdown of the relationship. Irreconcilable difference and alleged domestic abuse.

  3. Mr Gentry should consider drinking the herbal concoction himself. He keeps on denying the domestic abuse and hell bent on ruining her.Rubbish. There are witnesses.

  4. U say she de craze yet u marry an and d craze woman born pikin for u, now u wan go get craze person medicine for person wet u say de live wt anoda man, Abeg oga how u wan give am d medicine. She fit bite you o, abi u don forget say u say she de craze. BTW d 2 of Una, I no no who de craze sef. Yeye de smell bad bad

  5. look at d nonsense u are vomiting Mr pat or whatever what moral right does a married woman has to leave her matrimonial home it show an act of infidelity on her side

    • the fact MR. Pat said she is not committing bigamy by moving out of mr. gentry’s house does not mean he is supporting Mercy, he is only stating the obvious. you can only commit bigamy if you are married to 2 men at the same time. but in this case, she has only left her husband to stay in the house rented by her new lover and NOT MARRIED TO HIM! mr. Pat is also insinuating that Mercy left her husband because of the reasons he listed above.

  6. The “mental problem” that didn’t manifest until she exposed you for beating her up. As an older man, you should be more responsible in your conduct and guard your utterances. This tit for tat attitude will come back to haunt you both, when your child is grown up and begins to ask questions. Stop doing further damage, we are not asking for explanations and you owe nobody any, except the court and God, to whom we shall all give account of our tenure on earth. Apologize to your wife and move on. There is no excuse for beating up a woman. If your wife is committing adultery, divorce her. That is what the courts were set up for. Stop justifying bad behavior.

    • @lola God bless you! I will forever remember this your comments. You have spoken peace..peace will follow you where ever you go.

  7. MR LANRE GENTRY, I DON’T support Mercy. But one question I have for you is who you think you’re fooling by this your talk. What mental problem?

  8. @Lola I will never thank you enough, Keep it real I totally agree with you. Lanre Gentry I counsel you to use the herbal concoction SENSELESS MAN.

  9. This Gentry guy is sick in the head! A court can refrain you from seeing your son and ex if you beat her to a pulp like you did, ode! You are just a pathetic sore loser who wont accept the fact that your wife is facing up squarely against your bullshit now, if she was happy with you why would she leave?? You are just a fuck boy!

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