Mercy Aigbe Fakes Domestic Violence To Get Divorce…She Lied Against Husband Lanre Gentry – Fans Alleged

mercy aigbe domestic violence was staged

May 4, 2017 – Mercy Aigbe Lied Against Her Husband, She Used Her Acting Skill To Frame Up Lanre Gentry – Fans Alleged

Mercy Aigbe’s Domestic Violence Was Staged, She Lied Against Husband Lanre Gentry – Fans Alleged

While everyone is sympathizing with Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe Gentry for sustaining head injury in a series of domestic violence attacks allegedly carried out by her husband, some of her fans are of the opinion that the soon to be single mother of two used her acting skill to frame up her husband so as to regain freedom to run her professional escort(prostitution) business full time.

The mother of two took to the social media yesterday to share the above photo of herself without any trace of domestic violence, trust her chill-less fans, they quickly took to the comment section to tell her off.

See what her fans are saying in the wake of the revelation that the whole domestic violence was staged.

Recall that Mercy Aigbe briefly shared photo of herself and her husband yesterday before she later removed it.

6 thoughts on “Mercy Aigbe Fakes Domestic Violence To Get Divorce…She Lied Against Husband Lanre Gentry – Fans Alleged

  1. what the lanre gentry going fine from actress i hope is a greedy man if not responsible man can’t marry actress because i can’t allow my dog to marry them bcos of their attitute, but i’m n’t too blame him bcos hahun ni n ri hahun hee. Pls be patient evrtin will be ok

  2. So because the man no too they loaded again, naa e dy cause all these. Just hope Mercy can give av a rethink.

  3. Why does the woman always have to live with domestic violence because of the hypocrisy of society if she dares leave her marriage? I pray that your daughters and sisters fall into the hands of husbands like Lanre GENTRY who will turn them into punch bags and beat the daylight out of them. So the husband is not capable of telling lies? A lot of you supporting him come from homes where your fathers persistently beat your mothers, so domestic violence is acceptable to you, having been deprived of learning gentle-manly behavior from your fathers or male role models in your lives. This is 2017, men cannot continue behaving like animals and think they can get away with it. For the women brave enough to walk out while you still have your lives …..kudos! Why die in a marriage? Some women don’t have the financial independence to walk out on a man, for fear of who will pay the bills and feed them? For the women who have built up their careers and don’t want to die in a marriage from hell, move on girls. If she can’t have a husband, she can at least have her peace of mind and good health and live to see her children become successful in life. Best wishes, Mercy.

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