Mercy Johnson Accused Of Wearing Butt Pad, Fan Says Her New Shape Is Not Natural

mercy johnson butt pad

April 18, 2017 – Mercy Johnson Accused Of Wearing Fake Butt Pad, Fan Says Her New Corset-Enabled Shape Is Not Natural

Few days after Mercy Johnson Okojie showed fans her massive backyard endowment, some fans are now expressing their displeasure as to how the mother of three has suddenly adopted celebrity-inspired figure enhancers.

Apart from her newly adopted corset-inspired look, fans are now saying she is wearing a butt pad to enhance her behind.

Check out the message a fan posted on MJ’s killer figure below.

“At @annjibunor said “Hey @mercyjohnsonokojie stop it, ur shape is becoming too fake for my liking. I think you are using a padded panties”

With this new allegation, Mercy Johnson has joined female Nollywood celebrities like Omotola Jalade, Daniella Okeke and Biodun Omobutty accused of using butt pad to enhance their image.

10 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson Accused Of Wearing Butt Pad, Fan Says Her New Shape Is Not Natural

  1. I don’t know why women sometimes overburden themselves with unnecessary wears that even take away their natural beauty they are endowed with. Did this mother of four not look at herself very well in the mirror before appearing in the public haven put on the so called BUTT PAD? The left picture no doubt look very,very sexy and attractive compare to the extra butty pad she wore by the left. Mommy please Appreciate what God gives to you. You look more perfect without those thing that gallop your butt.

  2. Jobless people,keep wasting your time on another man’s wife while she’s making her millions

  3. All she has on is a girdle! Just girdle, a must have for most women to keep abdomen flat after childbirth. No butt pads whatsoever.

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