MFM Church To Close Down All Beer Parlours In Ogba Lagos With Crusade Prayers


mfm crusade close down beer parlours

Dec 9, 2013 – MFM Church To Close Down All Beer Parlours In Ogba Lagos With Crusade Prayers

A power-packed crusade aimed at shutting down all beer parlours in ogba and its environ will kick start next week.

The crusade organizers, Mountain Of Fire and Miracles Ministries, MFM said in a press briefing yesterday that they plan to close down all the drinking joints in Ogba, Lagos after the crusade.

“We want to close down beer parlours in Ogba environment. We want to convert beer parlours into our praying centres,” said Pastor Aderemi Oseni, the Regional Overseer of MFM Region 32 Ogba, Lagos, who addressed journalists in his church.

“At the end of this crusade, the kingdom of Satan would have been completely depopulated, ” he said, adding that the crusade will take place between 19 and 21 December at MFM Regional Headquarters at 9, Ajayi Road, Ogba.

“We are worried about the extent of crime going on in Nigeria presently and we desire as a church of God to see as much as we can in assisting the government of this country in reducing crime in our own environment,” Oseni said, adding that crime can be reduced through evangelism.

Oseni said it was an open secret that major streets in Ogba have been converted into shrines.

“I am aware of the fact that powers of darkness have converted all our major roads to shrines in this environment. We want to pull down all these (shrines),” he said, adding that they are militating against the progress of mankind.

The theme of the crusade, overcoming the storm, was inspired from Mark 4: 19 and aims at helping Nigerians overcome their personal storms or challenges, Oseni said.

“This environment is loaded with a lot of potentials but majority of the potentials are going through a lot of storm,” he said, adding that after the crusade the “whole of Ogba will be delivered from every storm.”

Women are not, however, allowed to wear trousers for the crusade, Oseni said, explaining that it was against the scriptures for women to dress like men.

This sounds funny to me!

There is nothing impossible for God to do plus faith makes people to dare the impossible.