Missing LASU Lecturer Gbenga Ojo’s Daughter Found Dead Inside Well In Egbeda Lagos

lasu lecturer daughter dies well lagosProf Gbenga Ojo

April 20, 2016 – Missing LASU Lecturer Gbenga Ojo’s Daughter Found Dead Inside Well In Egbeda Lagos

There was shock and lamentation at 8, Jessa Street, Egbeda, Lagos yesterday after a missing two-year-old girl, Rachael, was found inside an 80- feet well.

Rachael was found inside the well a few hours after her father, a lecturer at the Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo, identified as Gbenga, went to Abeokuta to forcibly take her from her mum, Busayo. This came as two houses were also burnt in Lagos.

Rachael was said to have been found inside the well, minutes after she and her father reached their Lagos residence. The girl’s mum, on hearing the news, fainted. Busayo’s relations were angry over the manner Gowon Police Station was handling the incident.

“The DPO said we should quickly go and bury the girl. But we want proper investigation to be carried out,” one of them said.

Busayo, who resides in Abeokuta and working with the Ogun State Ministry of Finance, reportedly told the police at Gowon Estate Police Station that she had always taken good care of Rachael until Gbenga came to take custody of the girl.

lasu lecturer daughter dies wellThe well where Rachael was found

A police source said: “Gbenga went to Abeokuta to forcibly take Rachael from her mother. He brought her down to Lagos. On their arrival, Rachael was playing in backyard and fell inside a well that was uncovered. The couple had two kids; a boy and a girl.

“The man wanted his wife to resign and move down to Lagos to stay with him, but she refused. The man went to Abeokuta on Monday, picked the girl against his wife’s wish. He left the girl to go and buy bread. When he came back, the girl had fallen inside the well.” The Director of Lagos State Fire Service, Rasak Fadipe, confirmed the incident.


12 thoughts on “Missing LASU Lecturer Gbenga Ojo’s Daughter Found Dead Inside Well In Egbeda Lagos

  1. Look how the life of a child has been cut short! The woman would forever blame her husband for this, and the husband is not going to find it easy with himself.

    People that have wells in their compounds should by now know what hazardous consequences that they could get. The well should be elevated from the ground to keep off children, and should have a cover if safety is regarded in such places.

  2. Where has the era of pipe borne water gone? Or the Government should provide properly drilled boreholes with all the safety measures put in place. May God console this family and make a way for them.

    R.I.P. to the little one.

  3. To me I don’t really think the man has to be blame for this.the woman too has her own fault in this matter she should’nt have taken her career over her ,, most her especially husband

  4. I outrightly blame the woman for the girls death. While her husband wanted her to move down to his location in Lagos, she was more concern about her career in Abeokuta instead.

    The confistcation of the said girl was to draw the mother down to Lagos but she remain obstinate.
    This wouldn‘t have happened had she see reason to go with the husband.
    RIP lil Angel.
    Its so sad.

  5. Look at hw family problem and lack of understanding cut d life of d innocent girl short.
    D man and d wife ill really be in terrible state now though i believe d wife will find it so heard 2 4give d man likewise d man too bcos if d woman did obeyed his plead of coming back 2 lagos dis won’t hv happened.

  6. I found the man’s conduct out rightly unreasonable and totally irresponsible. What makes him believe he will take care of a two year old girl more than his wife and why must his wife resign from her lucrative job at Abeokuta which is just a distance from Lagos. Unfortunately fate had taught him unforgettable lesson. Better he apologize to his wife and asks God for forgiveness.

  7. We learn from mistakes. The couples shd not trade blames cos both hv a potion of the blame.

  8. Careless man. You know perfectly well that you can’t nanny a child and you forcefully took her from your own wife. Some story like this can be very annoying. RIP little girl.

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