Missing Obasanjo’s Son, Olujowon Obasanjo Found.. See What He Told His Mother


olujowon obasanjo found

Feb 8, 2018 – Missing Obasanjo’s Son To Mother “My Siblings Know My Whereabouts, Count Me Out Of Your Life”

The son of ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, Olujonwon who was reported missing by his mother over the weekend has resurfaced.

Olujonwon in a statement made available to journalists in Abeokuta yesterday wondered why his mother is always on the look out for him.

Jonwon said he’s old enough  to look after himself  adding that he was neither missing nor lost.

According to him, he had elected to keep away from his mother for now.

“At my age of over 34 years, it is ridiculous to extreme that my mother would ask the Police to look for me.
“I am well, alive and kicking and the Police need not look for me. For peace in my life, I have decided to keep away from my mother for now. She should not make me part of her seeking media attention.

“My siblings and others in my family who care about me without negative influence and abhorrent action know my whereabouts and we keep interacting and communicating.

“My father, who has supported me and my decisions in every aspect of my life, has been in constant communication with me and he is aware that I am hale and hearty.

“This is my personal and deliberate decision. I don’t want crocodile tears nor undue publicity from anybody,” he stated.

The mother, Taiwo Martins had in an interview granted a national newspaper disclosed that her son, Olujonwo, was missing from his matrimonial home and had alerted the Police about it.