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nigerians moving abroad missing wealth opportunities Latest News Updates

Nigerians Moving Abroad Are Missing Real Opportunities For Wealth

nigerians moving abroad missing wealth opportunities

Nigerians Relocating Abroad Are Missing Real Opportunities For Wealth – Wole Elusakin

Here is an excerpt from a recent chat with Wole Elusakin, Founder/CEO of Pomegranate Nigeria Limited, a third-party logistics company with clientele across the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry in Africa.

Here are his piece of advice for Nigerians leaving the country to seek for greener pastures abroad.

I see people get up and leave this country, and I just smile, because they are missing real opportunities. I have a Swiss friend who tells me the dust in the streets of Nigeria is money.

And I can tell you practically that indeed it is money. You’d have noticed the dust by the roadside while driving on Nigerian roads. Some people could pack that and sell to people making blocks. It is money.

An Egyptian friend came to visit and as we were driving from Lagos to Ibadan, he said stop. He said all he could see was vegetation; and he said, ‘this is money. What are you guys doing about it?’ The youths who are thinking of leaving the country should have a rethink and try to see. I would like to end by saying this: if today you decide to buy a model of Toyota vehicle; guess what you would start seeing on the road – that brand of Toyota.

So the day you decide that you want to start seeing opportunities, that’s what you would be seeing. I have an app that tells me the population growth globally. We’re over 8 billion people in the world as we speak.

By 2050, Nigeria will be over 400million people. They will eat something, they will wear clothes and they will put on shoes. The A-class will use perfume, they will wear wrist watches, schools will get patronage.

All these proffer some opportunities. Today I’m commencing production of an antiseptic liquid; we’re starting very small with just about 4000 pieces. Imagine if we had started a few years back and Covid-19 came. That would have been an explosion.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. kunle Osh

    February 21, 2023 at 6:13 AM

    of course you are right. Most of these runaway citizens are struggling where they are.
    We remaining at home will employ them when they return in 10 years time.

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