Moji Olaiya’s Ex-Husband Remarries: Bayo Okesola Takes A New Wife


moji olaiya husband remarry

Feb 12, 2014 – Moji Olaiya’s Ex-Husband Remarries: Bayo Okesola Takes A New Wife

The former husband of veteran singer Victor Olaiya’s daughter has moved on.

Moji Olaiya who packed out of her matrimonial home a while back over domestic abuse can now have some peace of mind since her estranged hubby, Mr Bayo Okesola has decided to move on after several months of abandonment.

Moji reportedly abandoned her husband because of laziness, assault and infidelity.

In a recent interview the actress revealed why she left him.

“One of the reasons I broke up with my husband was because of domestic violence, but I don’t want to go into details of the whole mess. I am not going to hold brief for anybody. If you call two or three people, who knew about our relationship, they will confirm what I am saying. Some men believe they can show their ego by beating their wives,” –  Moji said

After weeks of hide and seek game, Bayo Okesola was spotted with a lady at a function in Lagos. Sources said he might end up marrying the lady if their relationship work out.

Nollywood insiders disclosed that the actress angrily packed out of her hubby’s rented apartment in Omole phase 2 when he impregnated another lady.

9 thoughts on “Moji Olaiya’s Ex-Husband Remarries: Bayo Okesola Takes A New Wife

    • Modinat, why should she endure being abused because of what she will tell her kid when they grow up. if d man kills her, he will go and marry another and she won’t be around to tell het kids anything.

      a lot of women have died prematurely because of this kind on mindset.

      • its a lie, i know moji and bayo very well, moji is a liar and a lazy woman, maybe she thought she is a star in making or beautiful but i can tell you that bayo is more out-lookng than moji in beauty, and moji is a green snake under a green grass, she is a hull, sleeping with different men both in naija and abroad, for 3 years of marriage she didn’t have one(1) i mean one miscarriage let alone abortion or having a baby bcos of her bad characters. its better you the true story b4 commenting plsssssssssssss


    • Modinat, it is your choice to be abused and trampled on by your husband but please keep your advice to yourself if another woman decides that she does not want to be turned into a punching bag and beaten to death. Your statement goes a long way to show your mentality.She did not only leave him for beating her up but he is lazy as well. He has to rechanel his energy from beating up women into looking for a job.

    • you’re an i***t of the highest order you want her to stay in a house where her husband beat her abi mumu human being if u get married and u found urself in same shoe pls stay there and die there you’re a woman and you’re talking like an id**t who didn’t pass through school at all. you’re a disappointment to woman

  1. Marriage is a very sensitive issue, if you are not there you will not know how far. Even me that is typing this, it has not been easy for me in marriage, some time you try to do all to please your own but hard to appreciate, the worst of it all is that men think that the only way out is by abusing and beating their wife always even in public, which is wrong. Some women would like to stay and see what become of their children but because the maltreatment from their husband, they prefer to quit to save their life. So is not a matter of judging women why this and that. It takes the grace of God to stay with some men and is like the interest of devil is increasing every day. You can hardly see any marriage that is not having one problem to the order. God will deliver us.

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