Monalisa Chinda & Lanre Nzeribe Break Up; Another Nigerian Actress Has Dumped Her Lover

monalisa chinda lanre nzeribe break up

August 23, 2013 – Monalisa Chinda & Lanre Nzeribe Break Up; Another Nollywood Actress Has Dumped Her Lover

If the story making round is anything to go by, our dear Nollywood beauty queen Monalisa Chinda might have dumped her lover of almost a year.

We learnt the beautiful mother of one has called it quit with her new lover, Lagos-based businessman identified as Lanre Nzeribe.

Insiders claim, Monalisa Chinda secretly left Lanre Nzeribe about four weeks ago.

We learn the major bone of contention in the relationship was over a new business journey they both plan to embark on.

Like other Nollywood lovers like Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan who own a boutique in Abuja, Monalisa Chinda and Lanre Nzeribe planned to start a new magazine tagged Monalisa before the trouble started.

Insiders further alleged that the lovers have rented a private office and have even hired employees for the 1st edition of Monalisa Magazine when a serious disagreement ended their relationship.

It’s obvious they are not meant for each other because if they are, they’ll know how to work out their differences and resolve minor issues.

Like the saying “a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage”

Life must go on.

Wishing them the very best as they both embark on another romance journey.

14 thoughts on “Monalisa Chinda & Lanre Nzeribe Break Up; Another Nigerian Actress Has Dumped Her Lover

  1. infact all these our Nigerian Nollywood actress are so much ambitious.And the thing always get into their head that they are queens and needed to be worshiped.Whereas they are just nonsense kind of nobody with no basic home training.They can’t cook well,very dirty, lack respect and infact they are not visionaries as you may think they are.The only thing you’ll discover about them on getting closer to them is that they are just simple prostitutes who mistakenly fallen into the hand of some of our illiterate idiopathic politicians and then hoe them huge amount of money. I felt sorry for those meaningfull men who fell into the cheap mass media propaganda as been labelled “stars”. Congratulation to Nzeribe as he is let loose from the rope of servitude to a whore.

    • U guys should shut ur trap holes……shit brains….go to court u will see thousands and thousands of devorce applications…are those pple nt humanbeigns….or iz it becox this ones are star…relationship crashes evryday..s….monalisa if this story is anything to go buy..i wish u well in ur future endevours

  2. Point of correction, a broken marriege is a way to hell and does not give chance for another long lasting and a peaceful relationship because God is not happy when a home is broken.

  3. Why is it only their relationships that always clashes? Something is terrible wrong with them and needed immediate attention spiritually! Jumping in and out of relationships doesn’t cost them anything. Will I call them lay-abouts? Imagine, Lanre has dumped after sleeping with her for over a year. Sooner or later, someone else will take over and start sleeping with her. Shame!!!

    • Naija-girls be dogs…. when u get meat and bone for hand, dey wag their tails and leak their tongues along with u. All these stars are all failed ladies, be careful in choosing one as apartner. If not they waste your precious time and resources

  4. I pity people dat chuz dem as der role model if u follow der foot steps u wil crash like dem may GOD open your eyes that choose them as your role model if not…

  5. Hahahahahahahahaha……….All Girls are huslers…..forget them and b focused…..I PITY MEN THAT SUCCOMBS BCS OF JUST BEAUTY THAT CAN FADE AT ANY TIME…..I DEY USE MY HEAD ALWAYS

  6. I wonder wat is possessing naija actress. They dont want 2 settle down and plan hw 2 hv their own home, intead they r jumpin 4rm 1 bed 2 d other all 4 sex is a pity

  7. all ds our noncens ladies dat call demslvs naija stars ar insane..we’ll I just pity our men who succumb to their tricks without known hu dey really ar.or will i jst say dat naija men ar promiscous,dey feel dey ar romantic nd gallant,dats y dey gv amorous attention to those prostitutes dat called demslves naija stars.our men pls com to ur senses oooo nd stop ylin away ur time on those useless idiots(naija ladies).dont become a philanderer because of dem cos dey ar all agents of failure.

  8. Don’t mind some of our naija men,instead of going to marry a decent girl, build her up and make her what you want her to be,they go after cheap nonsense ready made, all in the name of star. Who cares? Is it not their time they are wasting?

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