Video: Shock As Monkey Kidnaps Baby In Karnataka India

monkey kidnaps baby india

A mild drama recently played out in the quiet village of Karnataka, South West India when a rampaging monkey attempted to kidnap a child.

In the shocking footage making the rounds online, all attempts the villagers made to distract the monkey failed as it became violent.

Moments into the drama, a bold man grabbed the baby boy to safety.

The innocent child was crying while the incident happened.

Watch the trending video below

2 thoughts on “Video: Shock As Monkey Kidnaps Baby In Karnataka India

  1. See the foolish man trying to record it. Indians are more like some Africans.
    The monkey is planning to feast on the baby and u people are watching him.

  2. There are tales of monkeys, baboons and animals in monkey family group snatching children in villages in olden days. It can’t be amusing for the parents or loved ones to have such encounters so wisdom dictates that no such opportunity be created for such ‘kidnap’. Personally I don’t see the attraction in keeping monkeys as pets such that they come near the children.
    However all is well since the child in this story was rescued.

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