Mother Excited As Ese Oruru Delivers Baby Girl..See Photos

ese oruru baby photo

May 27, 2016 – Family Excited As Ese Oruru Gives Birth To Baby Girl [PICTURES]

Ese Oruru’s mother, Rose put her sorrow behind her yesterday when her teenage daughter delivered a bouncing baby girl.

The underage girl who was rescued from the den of her abductor few months ago puts to bed at a military clinic in Yenagoa yesterday.

Here are more photos of the baby girl.

The baby is Yunusa Dahiru’s carbon copy, he no fit reject the baby.

15 thoughts on “Mother Excited As Ese Oruru Delivers Baby Girl..See Photos

  1. This kind of blessing I don’t understand. Thank God for the mother’s life! As for the baby, I don’t know what I would have done if it was my sister. Each time she cries, you see Yunisa. Any time you look at her, Yunisa stares right back at you. And when she smiles, Yunisa is smiling as if he is not a demon.

    If Ese and her mother accepts to take care of the baby, fine. Women have a way of seeing things sometimes. But how about Ese’s father? Does the presence of the new baby go down well with him? They may have to consider giving it up for adoption if everybody does not welcome the child. May this kind of “blessing” never come to my family.

  2. Thank God for safe delivery. Grandma, if your grandchild doesn’t have any issue, it could have bn nice. All the same I.rejoice with u.


    • @EGBERRI I’m just wondering what’s the “BREAK THROUGH” in this situation to the family???

  4. Carbon copy of yellow yinisa, God, as gal why u dont look like ur mother ,u go find ur wicked brain wash father,anytime they see this baby gal, u will see yellow,the family will never forget what he did to them.any way we thank God she deliver savely and both mother and child sound.

  5. Children irrespective of circumstances of their conception are blessings and heritage of the lord. Nurture and train them well you won’t know whether they are product of rape or monster father. Ask childless parents who adopt children.

  6. I too answer AMEN to that prayer by my Oga Metu.

    Question is: What was the mother excited about by the way?
    Somebody kidnaped your daughter, impregnated her, as if that was not enough, he forcefully converted her to islam and a once lovely girl became another monster looking creature just to portrayed what the religion stands for. Violence!

    Somebody removed your daughter from the kingdom of Light and FORCEFULLY initited her to the religion in which the devil itself is well pleased.
    And you are happy that your daughter has given birth to the seed of such monster. Nonsense!

    And to add to that, I dont see the blood of a Kidnapper, rapist and a muslim fanatic anything near the word “BLESSING“ though I cannot call it a Curse bcos a life is involve.

    But just imagine having to nurse and feed the child of your kidnpper?

    I take a stroll…

  7. What is the joy in this? that a baby was born of a rapist? the child is innocent and should be taken good care of but the abductor Yinusa is lucky he did not do this to someone from a good hearted family. If not he would be resting somewhere the best trained investigators will not find and his willing protectors in the north will be slowly assassinated.

  8. Food for thought please, if an armed robber or a boko haram member come to your house, brutalised you, shot your husband and abduct your innocent teenage girl away. Some months latter the girl is rescued with 6 months pregnancy! after 3 months she put to birth a bouncy baby girl, how would you as a mother or a brother to the abducted girl receives or view such a blessing. I am worried!

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