“My Marriage’ll End In Divorce” – Fela Kuti’s Daughter Yeni Says She’ll Never Remarry

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August 5, 2014 – “My Marriage’ll End In Divorce” – Fela Kuti’s Daughter Yeni Says She’ll Never Remarry

In a recent chat with City People, the daughter of late Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti explained why she will never get married again years after her messy divorce.

Yeni Kuti who parted ways with her ex husband Femi Segun several years back has rejected the idea of getting married again.

In this tell it all interview, Yeni said she has been dating for the past 7 years now but she’s not marrying the man.

Read what she said in the interview:

“I am not single. I have somebody in my life. We have been together for like 7 years. We respect each other. But we are not married. I believe that if we ever marry, our relationship will lose the dynamics that we have. I have my house. He has his house. He stays at mine when he wants, I stays at his when I want. It’s a kind of loose arrangement. We go on holiday together. We love each other. But the day we marry, we would now start fighting for space. By the time I bring all my clothes and shoes where would he keep them. This way I think it works. He respects the fact that I don’t want to get married.

I know a guy who advised me to marry the man I am dating right now, but most people don’t seem to get the point. I don’t want to get married. I am happy the way I am. I am proud of who I am. I don’t need a man to say I am somebody. I can be who I am without a man. I don’t need a man as a prop to survive. If I am with a man I am with him because I love him, because of who he is.
Not because I can’t go to an event alone, or go without a man. I can go to an event alone and enjoy myself, I will sit by myself, carry my Ipad and start checking my mails, I don’t need any props. I guess thats why I have been able to stay single,”.

I guess she is convinced enough that marriage is bad for her.

8 thoughts on ““My Marriage’ll End In Divorce” – Fela Kuti’s Daughter Yeni Says She’ll Never Remarry

  1. You love the way you sleep with men and don’t want to get married, ok is your choice, not surprise, almost all***** do it, ******

  2. the person that married her in the first place did not ask? is going to take another marijuana lunatic for her to get another husband.

  3. I pity people who pretend they have religion is this the right way people should speak or express themself and later hear a different story. this girls must have became very cheap for men if she coud have respect 4 married & her children if she have any.

  4. my sister a woman without husband is like a cow without their master aboki to accompany them and if their master is not there with them to control them they can kill and destroy whatever they sees on their way so my dear sister the life u feel u’re enjoying now is useless and worthless u better remarry so that u have respect wherever u go bcos a woman without husband gat no respect from anyone.

  5. Yeni your own system of reasoning can never change God’s establishment upon mankind. God have ordained that every woman shall be under subjection of a man,so l don’t know where you drive this you impression,but l believe it’s not God,because Godly lady can never ulter the words ultering. If it has never come to your mind to get married,begin to think about it right from now.

  6. marriage is not a ticket to heaven or success, if u are not d lucky one in marriage is better u stay on ur own,some marriage does not make one live long. my sister if u feel u derive happiness in what u are doing, pls keep it up n don’t listen to pretenders that are suffering and smiling all in d name of fake marriage.

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