N20 Billion Missing From Nigeria’s Oil Money: Now We All Cannot Buy Shoes!

missing 20 billion nigeria oil money

Feb 13, 2014 – N20 Billion Missing From Nigeria’s Oil Money: Now We All Cannot Buy Shoes!

Before attempting to digest what $20 billion is, it is important to mention what the $20 billion missing is not. $20 billion Nigeria’s income missing/looted is not all that was looted in just 19 months from the nation’s coffers. This sum is at best half the actual total figure that is looted from oil revenue and internal projects and bogus contracts. It is ‘crazy’ to realize that more than half the nation’s income is stolen by those in power and their handful of world acclaimed billionaire cabal co-conspirators.

What is the value of $20 billion?

$20 billion represents one eighth of Nigeria’s total oil derived income. That is one quarter of our yearly earnings.

$20 billion equals 10 million $2000, that is one million $20,000!

With $20 billion, every Nigerian individual, including the poorest in Bama and Baga and the old and dying in all villages, will get N10,000.

With $20 billion, every single Nigerian can get 5 new pairs of shoes.

With $20 billion, which these unconscionable people have pocketed, every 100 Nigerians could have been allocated $20,000 for capital projects. Every 100 Nigerians could get a school built, a clinic, a playground, a park, a community center, etc.

With $20 billion looted, every household in Nigeria, including every mud family home in every single village could get either a $1000 generator borehole or an inverter-solar panel system!

With $20 billion stolen, every home in every village and town could have a $500 laptop computer.

With $20 billion dollars stolen in 19 months, 2 children in every family could be sponsored throughout their education right up to university.

With $20 billion looted, one child of every family of 5 can be sponsored to a good college even in America.

With $20 billion stolen, Nigeria could have purchased 40,000 Armored Personnel Carriers, APC’s to successfully finally decimate Boko Haram and be prepared for any future battles within and outside our borders.

With $20 billion stolen, Nigeria could have bought a million drones, for tracking every single robbery and moving terrorist.

With $20 billion, we could have purchased 150,000 helicopters for all our police, hospital and other emergency departments across the nation.

Brazil, São Paulo’s automated modern subway lines cost $1.6 billion. It had 11 stations, with fully lit automatic trains. In Singapore, 22 miles of track cost $4.8 billion, at $130 million per kilometer. With the $20 billion stolen, 10 states in Nigeria could have had fully functional, ultramodern subway systems!

With $20 billion stolen, Nigeria’s transport system could have had 200,000 luxury buses ferrying Nigerians around the nation.

Nigeria’s oil minister, Diezani Madukwe has blurted that if this stolen money is to be investigated, the Obasanjo government (in power in 2004) too must be investigated since this looting started since then. We have no problem with that. Late Yar’adua (in power 2007-2010) is dead, and though PremiumTimes reports revealed that Yar’adua actually repeatedly executively blocked this cold-blooded robbery, they can investigate him too if they want. We will find our money, every last kobo of it, no matter what it costs us. Many of us Nigerians will never rest till the culprits of such humongous theft are all thrown in jail and the key tossed in the ocean. May this investigation spiral to all old regimes all the way back to our first, we will investigate this!

This is very depressing. Rivers state governor, Rotimi Amaechi told us that it is because we do not protest like every other nation on earth that such insane robberies can occur in broad day light. Are we sitting down with this wicked nonsense?

Let the FGN/NNPC be prepared for a full public investigated investigation and #OccupyNigeria! The thieves who stole our $20 billion will spit it out! Enough is Enough!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah
https://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigeria

9 thoughts on “N20 Billion Missing From Nigeria’s Oil Money: Now We All Cannot Buy Shoes!

  1. That sanusi man has a hand in this. $20b is more than togo’s economy and sum idiots r sharing it while sum nigerians wallow in poverty. Only death penalty for curruption can save our blessed country nigeria

  2. Nigeria is blessed with people of sound mind and good critics,that if you are not libral in reasoning you may end up killing your only son before the truth is been told.when I had this story of the $40b USD,later became $10b USD later went back tO $20b USD SANUSI placed the unremited money between $12b USD and $10b USD and finally claimed not to know the actual amount not been remited to the federation account by NNPC.SANUSI today 13th feb 2014 received lectures from DR NGOZI OKONJO IWEALA,at the national assembly,SANUSI sim not to understand the formulas used in calculating revenue generated in the oil and gas industry.we should investigate claims before making it public.

  3. Am ashamed to be called a Nigerian,Am mad God dumped me in that country.I hate the fact that my mom and Dad met in Nigeria,I hate it that God dumped the cursed bastard stealing the public fund in Nigeria.I want to have a meeting with God and ask him why Nigeria,I want to ask God if Nigeria is the hell fire that was said in the bible,I want to know why,I want answers,I can’t concentrate without the right answers.I hate myself for seeing part of the world were leadership have a different meaning from what is shown in Nigeria.I HATE MY COUNTRY NIGERIA AND THE EVIL LEADERS THAT MAKE FUN OF THE POOR CITIZENS.I want to sell all the corrupt leaders and their supporters ,I want a better Nigeria that stands and understand the meaning and work of a leader but for now God help me I hate my country with a burning. passion and woe betide anybody that try to step on my toe with their own theory because the rage in me right now can turn the whole of Nigeria into a dessert.God bless the poor masses and their dream.

  4. before we talk on twenty or whatever billion dollars let’s cross check from the utterances of Sanusi Lamido whose figures were uncertain. l don’t know whether he is a politician or public civil servant. A banker does not guess when it comes to figures it will be misleading to Nigerians who will easily believe that yam is the same thing with cassava.

  5. Wateva, howeva. Ofcus dey’v nt bn feedin nd, i survived nd i wunt ceas 2 surviv. My own point of view, 4 sanusi 2 com out boldly 2 chaleng mr presidnt he shud gv acount of d money ho ha.

  6. With his grace in another lovely day NIGERIANS,
    the love of GOD in us here in Nigeria is not mensurable to the extend that he has blessed our land with various kindness.
    Lovely question of the day,to we Nigerians, Can any woman being fight for us here in Nigeria?, am not here to judge anybody but 90 percent of we Nigerians are living from begged to bread, the rich is more richer while average living among is getting poorly.
    NaijaGist, you may also remove this comment if it against your profession.
    Let us pray Nigerians, heavenly father, we thank you for mercy upon this nation Nigeria and ask for our forgiveness in jesus name,daddy, let your spirit of love and humanity speak in our leaders life in jesus name (AMEN). * 08038433483 #

  7. sanusi is not uncertain about the figures. this issue is been politicized and am sure he is facing serious pressures and threats from the cabal that moved the said $20bn. the money is so huge that it cant be moved by just one person and since the cabal are highly placed nigerians, they will use their connections to kill the issue. if u r accusing sanusi of been uncertain, what of andrew yakubu- MD NNPC and Alison Deziani and also Okonjo Ngozi. the 3 of them are giving different and conflicting statements about how the money was spent. There’s more to it than what the media is saying.

  8. Heyyyy!!!!! Wit al d significance of d moni naijagist don share wit us, my blood don dey boil. Shoo, doz leaders heartless oo. Z nt fair nw

  9. @red, i total understand ur grievances as a mater of fact am more enraged dan u re. We shud not hate our blessed country instead, hate d wicked, ugly, devilish, emotionles nd stinkin POT belle leaders, i meant leaders in every sector of our dear country. Restently, i gained admision into tersiary institution, i paid everytin nd were askd again to pay 4 hostel fee even if u don’t want to liv in a hostel ,it ws compulsory, which as wel ws hug amout of money. Most of us til date has been struglin to pay,. Am so sick of our leaders but am stil hopeful.

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