‘N5000 Note Is Here To Stay’, Nigerians Are Wasting Their Time – CBN Governor

5000 naira bill cbn

Sept 15, 2012 – N5000 Note Is Here To Stay: Nigerians Are Wasting Their Time – CBN Governor

The Central Bank Of Nigeria’s Governor, Sanusi Lamido has opened up on his plan to continue with the introduction of the controversial 5000 naira bill despite rejection from the masses. naijagists.com

Here is what Sanusi Lamido said in a news briefing:

CBN Sanusi Lamido’ Comments On 5000 Naira Bill

  • My job is to do my best in whatever circumstance I find myself.
  • I did not choose this time to be CBN governor.
  • If we have fiscal leakages and reserves are crashing and naira weakening I have to tighten naira supply. Interest rates go up everyone attacks SLS. But you can have low rates with high inflation, a weak naira and no reserve buffers.
  • You can’t eat your cake and have it.
  • I am improving the efficiency of the banking system and currency operations.
  • Is it popular? I don’t know and frankly don’t care. I have a job to do and will do it.
  • The problem is that the CBN is the only institution doing anything. Roads are not being built.
  • We have no new airports
  •  No progress on new power plants.
  • No rail lines. So every time we do something all hell breaks loose.
  • Governance is not about seeking popularity.
  • The only thing that will stop this is a solid argument proving that the costs outweigh the benefits.
  • But when people start fabricating falsehood such as those claiming a bill of N40b for new notes they obviously are not interested in the nation or policy but have other targets.

And to cap it all he said:

If I am the target I wish them luck. But they are wasting their time. (Hope For Nigeria)

Sanusi Lamido is losing his cool na wa o!

22 thoughts on “‘N5000 Note Is Here To Stay’, Nigerians Are Wasting Their Time – CBN Governor

  1. Dis Sanusi self! Am stil wondering if he z d chief illuminati in nigeria. What gves hm d effortary 2 tel us dat we re wasting our time? I think d post of dis banking sector in nig z an held by illuminati.

  2. You my happiness is that all these wicked rulers/leaders must not go unpunished because d Holy Bible said it that the punishment of all evil doers must first start here on earth before they’ll be thrown into the lake of fire where they’ll burn from everlasting to everlasting.Both those who don’t care about the masses especially the poor and the thieves α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ all included.Heaven and Earth will pass away but the words of the HOST HIGH will always remain the same and they will one by one come 2pass-so,I really pity them because 2them(leaders)they α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ gods because of their earthly riches but one thing is assured,they might be gods of their own but they α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ not bigger than their creator(GOD)because a creature can never be bigger than his/her creator…God is the God above all gods.Just free them,the eyes of the Lord are wide open looking at everybody.He’ll not fail to judge all.

  3. God pls help us.Wen 1000 came out de poor can nt even afford 5 naira item cos there is no 5 naira item.And nw 5000,my questn is”WILL DIS COUNTRY SURVIVE”?Mr president wat are u up 2 in dis issue?OUR LEADERS PLS PLS & PLS BE CAREFUL 4 DE LORD IS WATCHING U GUYZ.

  4. In as much as I have my reservations on this, I see Sanusi as the most callous human being you can ever come across. He is heading a public institution for the interest of ‘Nigerians’ so to say. But why is he superimposing his ‘armchaired’ policy on Nigerians without due consideration of the mass outcry? Is it because of his success in introducing the Islamic Bank that he is taking all of us for a ride, or is it because of the stupid accolade he gets far back in Kano? He needs to justify his fanatical disposition to why CBN will have to pay a #100 million to Kano bomb blast victims and only #20 million to Madalla victims of same tragedy? Is he really a Nigerian?

  5. Well, he might have good plain and initiative to geared up the economic capacity of the country, but is rude of him to come up with the position that 'Nigerian are wasting their time' I think is unacceptable from a public officer like him.

  6. e b like say dat post way him dey in no like am again, y him go dey vormeat rubish 4 mouth aby him don high, if him say we are wasting our time make him produce d money make him dey chop am alone

  7. ..SLS is stupid, with his ridiculous statement,ask him if he owns Nigeria..moron, the ppls voice must prevail, else we wl burn doxn CBN..

  8. SLS is doing okay with all these policies, but, aren't they too quick and too harsh for the people at this time? The above statement dares Nigerians and can't be credible at all or creditable to SLS. He is too intelligent to make such a statement.

  9. @Earnest Olawale,,,see my brother , Fuck intelligency, did i hear you say intelligence, to who? this one whose portfolio reads: Msc Islamic studies successful and Msc Ecoinomics drop out, forget English that you hear him speak, he is just an opportunist in the topmost affairs of the Nigerian apex Bank, look my brother if you have a degree you can also find yourself there, he is just a degree holder like us,,u too can perform better in that office,,all we are saying is that Nigeria’s problem is not about redenomination of the naira now, for Gods sake there are pertinent issues this baga can try and put heads together to solve,,check out all redicule statement coming out of what you call intelligence,,wake up brother and listen to poli
    tical platform, as they give you the portfolio of all his failures,,Nigeria heading to a split up with all this selfish interest personalities in her affairs,,dont blame him ,,i blame the weaklean president that we have folow follow president if u would allow me….useless polity altogether.

  10. Nigerians can reject the note if they insist on the Naira note. let all the market women students and every Nigeria refuse to work with the N5000 note then it will automatically disappear when it is not in circulation. Nigerians can say no and stand by their word!they shouldn’t impose their nonsense on the masses. we are in a democratic system and they MUST respect the views of the people.

  11. Sanusi is a disgrace to our economy,bt i dont blame him,my blames goes to the one that call himself the president, and so call house members,i cause the day they took their seats,if not who is sanusi to insist on what we dont want.Similary our finance minister what is she saying abt this?cos i think she is in a better position to describe this.

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