Davido Wanted By Police; AIG Ordered Him Arrested For Assaulting Taxi Driver


davido arrested

Sept 15, 2012 – Davido Wanted By Police; AIG Ordered Him Arrested For Assaulting Taxi Driver

Do you guys remember the story we published few weeks ago on a brutal assault on an innocent Taxi driver by Naija popular singer, David Adeleke alias Davido? If you don’t please read Davido Beats A Taxi Driver. www.naijagists.com

As at today, a fresh twist has developed to the story, the employer of the cab driver, Femi Ajibola one Mr Hashiru Azeez claimed Davido said the cab driver was assaulted by his cousins.

Hashiru Azeez directed his employee, Femi Ajibola to report the case to the Police.

We learnt Ajibola went to Maroko Police Station to log the complain.

Azeez said that a petition had been written on his behalf to the Assistant Inspector-General of Police in charge of Zone 2 about the incident. He stated that somehow, the Adelekes got wind of this and contacted him for a meeting.

“A lawyer, Malachy Ukwamadu, wrote a petition on our behalf to the AIG Zone 2. We had written the petition even before the publication. Somehow, the Adeleke family got to know that we had written a petition and they got someone to ask me to come with Ajibola to the Bar Beach Police Station. They said they would bring Davido to the station. The boy had surrendered himself and the police were ready to prosecute him. It was hard to believe, but I was optimistic,” the car dealer said.

Azeez further stated he was advised to dishonour invitation by a police officer because it might be to Davido’s advantage.

Here is what Azeez said:

“The policeman warned that there was an ulterior motive behind the invitation. He said the moment that Ajibola stepped into the Bar Beach Police Station, the case would change and turn against him.

“This prompted us to invite a lawyer to go to the station instead of Ajibola. Ukwamadu was out of town. So, we invited Bar. Ademola Olamide. While we waited for them to bring Davido, the IPO told the lawyer that they wanted to negotiate.

“Olamide said that he thought they wanted to bring in Davido and why was it that it was the police that wanted to negotiate. Should they not be neutral?”

The lawyer insisted he would not talk to the police unless they brought Davido to the station. The IPO then phoned somebody who spoke with Olamide and agreed to meet him.

When meeting took place on Aug. 12, the lawyer informed Azeez that the picture painted by Davido was different from what he had learnt from the complainant.

Azeez said, “I was asked to come over to explain. Fortunately, we had our witness. While the counsel was disputing what we said, we called in the witness. He is a driver and he drove along with Ajibola; he had some guys in his vehicle and I learnt that those girls brought those guys.

“When we brought in our witness, they calmed down. Davido then said that he was not the one that assaulted Ajibola. He said that the guys we were claiming were his bodyguards were actually his cousins. He said that it was Bayo, one of his cousins, who beat up Ajibola.”

Suspecting a foul play somewhere, Azeez asked what business Bayo had with Susan since she was Davido’s girlfriend.

“We told him that from his conversation, Susan was his girlfriend and why would Bayo beat up Susan? At a point, they said that they would like to compensate Ajibola and that they wanted to know how much Ajibola made in a day.

“They said that they would pay two weeks’ earnings. I was not there when they were discussing the money issue. I told my lawyer that there was no basis for compensation since he denied assaulting Ajibola. I said he should produce those who beat up Ajibola, that the police should do their job and we would know what step to take from there,” he said.

In a chat with Punch’s Crime Digest, Azeez said Ajibola’s car keys had not been returned to him. He said that an agency that fights for the cause of the less privileged had contacted him and was ready to help out in the matter.

“The agency champions the cause of the less privileged and they are willing to assist us in seeking justice. Davido claims he was not the one that assaulted the driver; but how did he get hold of the car keys before handing it to his father and later, the DPO?

“Why would he take someone’s car keys and keep them? Up till now, nobody has confirmed if Davido has written any statement regarding this case. We still believe that he is above the law until he comes out to say his own part of the story. If at all we agree to negotiate with him, he should accept that he was wrong to have assaulted a man that is 16 years older than him and apologise for his behaviour. Then we will know what to do from there,” he said. (culled from Punch)

Police Ordered Singer Davido Arrested

To cut the long story short, Mr Femi Balogun who is the public relations officer for Zone 2 police command confirmed that the assault case is being handled by his command.

Balogun confirmed the AIG has ordered the arrest of Davido.

Davido should be brought before me with the Toyota Corolla used as taxi.– said the AIG

As at the time of this report, nobody knows Davido’s whereabouts.

They claim he’ll be arrested once his whereabouts is revealed.