Naira Devaluation 2015: Jonathan’s Declining Approval Rating Affecting Nigeria’s Economy


naira devaluation 2015

Feb 19, 2015 – Naira Devaluation 2015: President Jonathan’s Declining Approval Rating Affecting Nigeria’s Economy, Investors Pulling Out

See details of an email received from a US-based investment banker this afternoon

I’m a Nigerian-American investment specialist here in New York. I noticed that most my clients who invest in Nigeria have pulled out. This is because of the approval rating of your President in the western world. This has seriously affected our biz.

The present security lapses being caused by insurgency and frequent attacks on expatriates may also be adding to your Naira devaluation.

Your country will have to do something quick for Naira value to get back up if not am afraid the whole economy may collapse in less than six months.

Please pass this on to those at NSE. I have copied them on this email as well.