NG Rebrands Into MIRT Portal

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NG Rebrands Into MIRT Portal

Finally, is rebranding.

After much deliberation and pondering on my strength and weaknesses and what I want to do going forward, I have finally decided to move forward with my passion.

I will be turning into a portal that provides Motivation, Ideas & Relationship Tips  (MIRT) For Nigerians & Friends Worldwide.

For all of una who feel so disappointed I’m going this route, I want to sincerely apologise.

As  you all know I have tried so hard to do this throughout the year now it is so obvious that I have to take this route now.

I want to use this portal to motivate people, inspire people, give business ideas and relationship tips.

I will also be using it as an announcement and information portal.

I really want to thank you for being there all this while.

I love you all.

Happy weekend to you and yours.

God bless Nigeria and her friends worldwide.

5 thoughts on “NG Rebrands Into MIRT Portal

  1. Even before you rebrand, I read more of your motivational articles than the scary news. You are on the right track, pls don’t deviate

  2. CONGRATS! on your new re-branding.

    But shaaa oooo, I go truly miss your amèbó gists.

    Anyways, just do what you feel ll make you feel happy.

    All the best!!!

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