Ngozi Nwosu Discharged From UK Hospital – See Her Post-Surgery Picture

ngozi nwosu discharged from hospital uk

March 24, 2013 – Ngozi Nwosu Released From UK Hospital – See Her Post-Surgery Picture

Nollywood actress Ngozi Nwosu who travelled to the UK few weeks ago for kidney and heart related surgery has been released.

The doctors at a private hospital where Ngozi Nwosu has been receiving treatment for a while have discharged her.

Though she is currently under doctors watch, sources around her say the actress is doing very well after the surgery.

Few hours ago the actress was spotted hanging out with the publisher of Tkbesh International Magazine, Mrs Tokunbo Adebesin.

Her treatment was sponsored by the Government of Lagos state and some private donors.

Wishing Ngozi Nwosu a very speedy recovery.

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47 thoughts on “Ngozi Nwosu Discharged From UK Hospital – See Her Post-Surgery Picture

  1. Fahsola thanks for saving a life; unlike some rascal governors giving SUVs and cash to people who don’t red them

  2. Glory to God, for the wonderful save. May God reward those that helped her financially. God will give you more strength

  3. Thank u lord for her successful surgery, I am so overwhelmed with joy for seeing her through her ordeal. She is looking better already. May The Lord be praised, AMEN. Thank you lord.


  5. all those bad Govt and senator giveing SUVs cars and money for marraige of people that have miilions of money b4 they dont need it,but they do as if they didnt read or here about this ngozi,or other poor sick nigerian need help to save life.thanks Gov.Fahsola and the rest good nigeria that give in cash and prayer to save her,God will bring u back home savely and heatly.

  6. Hmmmm…..thank God u re back on ur fit, i pray ur healing should be permanent. The lord is ur strenght.:)

  7. Tanx to God Almighty and also to Gov Raji Fashola God will be with you in all your endeavour in Jesus name amen Alhaji Raji Fashola if you contest for any post in Nigeria you are going to win not unlike some other govs that embezzle the treasury without rendering any help to others they will only make themselves baba isale awon were your family will not sick and also you thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you your excellency You are well in Jesus name ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  8. @ Osas; Dont mind our PDP Devilish leaders.It’s high time dey emulate dia oppositn counterparts.
    @ Nwosu; U re healed in Jesus name.Amen !

  9. Yes oo osas, ℓ̊ still find it hard, wondering Y a governor will be so stupid 2give out 47m 2 sum1 dat can afford a ring of 20m. We thank God for BRF oo, evn though he cozes a lil’ pain 2d hrt of some like d okada riders α demolishing of buildings but its 4good Йą, welcome back to life Ngozi. May God perfect ur healing IJN

  10. Thanks Gov. Fashola. Ngozi is look so good. May God continue to heal you. You will always be one of my best actresses….one of the originals.Keep getting better.

  11. Wow! To God be the glory for this great actress’ life. And God bless Fashola for this life he revived by paying her hospital bill. We need people like Fashola who knows how important life is,

  12. its a big relief my dear…….love u n wishn u quick and more speedy recovery……..May God replenish ur strengths the more…..

  13. Affliction will not rise up the second time you are healed in Jesus name, The devil cometh not but for to steal and kill but Jesus Come that you may have life and have it more abundantly JN 10:10,Give your testimony to the shame of the devil and to the Glory of God.

  14. oh God, am so so so HAPPY for Ngozi Nwosu. may u live long dearie.CONGRATULATIONS. u are totaly healed in JESUS Name Amen

  15. GOD has completely healed her.praise d name of d LORD.kudos 2 fashola n oda donors.d lord will uplift u all in IJN

  16. I thank God for her life,indeedGod is wonderful,I pray dat the Lord wll make u whole completely.Kudos to Governor Raji Fashola and other donors for saving her life,I pray dat the good God will reward you and all those mumu governors dat kept on showering gifts on those who don’t need dem,spornsoring wedding dat don’t even call for wt pple’s money God will purnish and judge uooo

  17. ngo am so happi dt the Lord has healn u, infact am short of words …but all i ve 2 say tank u Lord. Am greatful….

  18. I bless God almighty for healing her. May God bless the Governor of Lagos state and all the people that contributed to her going abroad both financially and spiritually.Amen

  19. Pst. Johnson Ojobor
    Thank God for raising helpers who made it happen this way. BRF you are a leader we will not forget in a hurry. Thank you so much for your assistance Your Excellency.

    Ngo, your healing is permanent in Jesus name.

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