Niger Delta Militants, Kidnappers Of Isheri Lagos Landlords Demand N1.2Billion Ransom

3 landlord kidnapped lagos

September 18, 2016 – Niger Delta Miltants, Kidnappers Of Isheri Lagos Landlords Demand N1.2Billion Ransom

The miltants who kidnapped some residents of Isheri area of Lagos State, are asking the families to pay N300m each, before they can be released.

The abductors, who established contact with the families earlier on Sunday, said the captives would be released once the monies were deposited at a designated point.

Meanwhile the police have assured that they are on a massive manhunt for the kidnappers.

The Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ahmed Iliasu told Channels Television that a combined team of 30 policemen have been deployed to the area in search of the kidnapped residents.

The four victims were said to have been kidnapped during an aerobic session in the early hours of Saturday.

An eyewitness said the kidnappers who were all armed and masked, came in from the water side.

The suspected Niger Delta militants seem to have gone on the rampage as several cases have been reported recently in states across Nigeria.

7 thoughts on “Niger Delta Militants, Kidnappers Of Isheri Lagos Landlords Demand N1.2Billion Ransom

  1. NG police are capable of tracking them.. they are always successful when they are willing to work…..

    I know they will be caught as soon as possible.. and i pray they don’t harm the victims

    #clueless human

  2. Na wa oh.
    300 million?
    In this Buharilazation administration?
    Find mama Peace and cut from the National cake na, or una no dey read news ?
    On a more serious note this isn’t funny anymore.
    The laziness and greed is spreading like cancer.

    So the rich will turn to prisoners, hiding inside their house or hideout because it’s no longer safe.
    If care is not taken, soon, very soon they will start kidnapping 20,000 or even 5000 naira ransom.

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