Nigeria Will Split Into 5 Countries In 2032 – Primate Elijah Ayodele Releases Prophecy


nigeria split 5 countries 2032

October 1st, 2017 – Nigeria Will Split Into 5 Countries In 2032 – Primate Elijah Ayodele Releases Prophecy

The founder of INRI Evangelist Spiritual Church has released a shocking prediction over Nigeria’s survival.

In a book titled “Warnings to the Nations, he predicted that Nigeria will split into five different nations come 2032.

See short excerpt from the book:

”I foresee that from the year 2032 Nigeria will not be one country again as I foresee five nations coming out of Nigeria.

“The bitter truth is that Nigeria will still break… As a matter of fact the country is sitting on a time bomb and on the verge of separation.

“The Spirit of God says Nigeria cannot be together again as a single country in the next 35 years because there will be a lot of confusion but I foresee that the minority tribes will still want Nigeria together while the majority will be clamouring for a new Nigeria.

Ahead of 2019, the man of God revealed that many politicians gearing up for offices will be disappointed. “I foresee that very many politicians will be disappointed. The Spirit of God says most of those who believe they are eligible for the polls may be sidelined at the end.

“The Lord revealed to me that some of the incumbent governors and senators will be disappointed despite their rigging plans for the 2019 polls.”

“The 2019 political project will generate more controversies in the APC and PDP. The Spirit of God says power will still return to the North. Nigerians will be shocked as regards who becomes the president.

“I foresee that the Northerners in President Buhari government will be divided towards 2019. Some will support his agenda but some will not because Buhari will cause problems among the northern elders in 2019 and this will cause some problems for them. I foresee that the Northern elders will be divided because of their selfish interest” .

He also calls for prayer against death and shootings in Aso Rock.