Nigerian Actor Hanks Anuku Turns Born Again, HIV Positive After Sleeping With 80 Women In Zambia & Zimbabwe

hanks anuku hiv positive

Feb 14, 2015 – Nollywood Actor Hanks Anuku Turns Born Again Christian, Contracts HIV AIDS After Sleeping With 80 Women In Zambia & Zimbabwe

Nigerian Actor Hanks Anuku Says He Infected Wife With HIV & Was Accused Of Raping His Children

One of the most popular men in Nollywood in the late 90s , Hanks Anuku is now in a bad shape.

The actor who relocated to Ghana few years back moved to Zambia in 2011 where he participated in dangerous sexual activities with over 80 prostitutes.
hanks anuku wife hiv
Hanks Anuku who is now HIV positive has infected his wife with the disease.

In an exclusive chat with City FM Ghana, the absentee Nollywood actor says he has dedicated his life to God and has accepted Jesus Christ as his final solution.

See excerpt of the intervew below:

“My past is regrettable because I have since parted ways with my wife, kids and relatives.I was one of the people who misused fame and I went wild. I was enjoying life my brother because women would easily love me.

“I came in the limelight in 2002 after being approached by Arnold Shoko from ZBC and he was a producer. We were training together at Body Building Fitness Centre and as a producer he identified me after picking some acting characters in me. After that he took me for auditions with a drama called Cobra in 2002,” said Jones.

“I was acting as Joe and it was a leading role. The Joe was fighting to please a girl. After landing the role Joe, life changed my brother, from zero to hero. We started getting opportunities and shifted from Ghetto to Avenues. The Drama lasted for Six months on TV. I then attained a diploma in Marketing and I started working with several companies since I had gained popularity in the country,”.

“Life in Zambia was heaven on earth because we could enjoy life, moving in all places but I was missing my family. During that time I had quite a number of sexual activities and I slept with different women. When I came back home I never took care of the family. I started drinking life a fish and became an irresponsible husband leaving the entire burden to my wife,”.

“I got tested while I was in Zambia after one of my girlfriends told me about her pregnancy. She had gone for pregnancy tests and during that time she was tested for HIV and the results were shocking, she was positive. She forced me to get tested but I could not come to terms with the results. After I got tested I came back to Zimbabwe and I kept quiet about the issue. I never told my wife about the issue. I infected her but I regret. I later on received some counselling and it well well,”

“My wife had escaped to SA over a debt of US$2,000 and since I had become a burden to her, I failed to pay my rents. The situation forced me to take my children to Highfield where my mother resides. At that time, my then landlord took my property before fabricating criminal charges against me which landed me in remand prison pending my trial. It was alleged that I sodomised my four-year-old son and raped my two daughters aged 10 and 6 on 7 February,” .

“Life changed from bad to worse. I was in remand prison for five good months. The allegations were never true my brother, (they were) mere allegations meant to tarnish my image, just imagine how I can rape my own children and sodomise my son. I still wonder what she wanted to achieve from that, but I was saved from the jaws of imprisonment. I was facing 10 counts of both charges and she went on to add more charges which were serious. I thank God I am a free man,” .

Anuku was found NOT guilty after the State failed to prove a case against him beyond reasonable doubt on 14 June after a full trial. Shockingly, lawyers who wanted to represent his famous actor, demanded a whooping US$15,000 to represent him in court and help him get bail. For that reason he failed to acquire the services of a defence counsel.

Asked to reveal the total number of women that he has had sex with, Matanhire left this reporter speechless and dumbfounded.

“During my peak of popularity I had sex with approximately 80 women, within Harare and Zambia. In 2002 it was so amazing to be on TV. I abused the fame. To make matters worse I lacked counselling and I failed to handle it properly, leaving me in this mud. I am now a born again Christian with UFIC under the guidance of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Hanks Anuku is now based in Zimbabwe and believing God to heal him of HIV AIDs.

What a sad story!

50 thoughts on “Nigerian Actor Hanks Anuku Turns Born Again, HIV Positive After Sleeping With 80 Women In Zambia & Zimbabwe

    • @obi,Lol-Hahahaha .No they r Not twins .They r just buddies from D same Crack-consuming escapades .In other words they both crack addicts.

  1. Rest In Perfect Peace Brother, We Miss U till We Meet Again. There would be no Mo sorrow And Love For Money and To oooo To

  2. @bezo: If there is anything I would wish for you, it is ***** of life. I have been following your comments and I wonder whether you are just commenting for fun or you are serious. You don’t make fun of people because you are not God the giver of life. Even the life you are living us borrowed and you will called to rest someday. Yes people have made mistakes. Mistakes are lessons. In Hank’s case, all he needs is some love and care and not some asshole like you condemning people with your words of foolishness. U are a bad product from a good family.

  3. D vicissitudes of life. Once upon a time u were @d zenith of fame. But nw u languish @d nadir of obscured existence.

    Iznt it sad dat ppl r wont to abuse God’s blessings upon their lives? A whole lot of ppl 2day who strive so hard@fame do so, dreaming wat lascivious lifestyle they would lead if & wen they finally becom famous. They hardly set God b4 dem.

    Well, glory b2God dat u hav made a turnarround b4 it wz late. I hop ur repentance is not dat fastfood-takeaway piety dat most of ur folks easily assume jst 4d fun of it. If ur repentance is genuine, go seek out ur wife & children. U cnt b a deadbeat dad & mouth us about ur new-found faith. Ask ur wife 2 4giv u & do all humanly possibl 2 show her dat u’r truely sori 4 infecting her wit HIV.



  5. It’s so sad that he gave his innocent wife the virus and it’s wicked of him to have done that becos he knew he was positive yet he gave it to her, that’s bad.

    • my point, if he loved his wife he would n;t have done this to her even his children… i think he was a lonely and troubled soul

  6. Hmmmm! Why do I find it had to believe this story, as a matter of fact I know him personally and to some extent this story isn’t ture all the way, Yes most ppl that don’t knw him will think he is on cheap drugs ( u knw wht I mean)? Buh he drinks, club and smoked weed like is going out of fashion, sleeping with many girls hmmmm! I say I strongly doubt it. Let’s leave it at that.

  7. Its on fortunate dat u turned born again after dis tragedy. However, God does wonders and if he be reached, by God’s grace i have a solution to his problem

  8. Hanks, is a pity you went that far, if you truly repented with your heart the good lord wil heal you but don’t go back to sin again, the bible said in 2Corinthians 5:17 that if any man be in Christ Jesus he is a new creature and old things has pass away, this is a lesson to other Actors. My prayer is that the good lord who wil never disappoint those that trust in him wil have mercy on you and heal you, we’re waiting for your testimony.

  9. I suppose Jesus Christ our Lord was not around for this fellow to believe in until he discovered he had HIV….. May he find the healing he desires ooooooo

  10. Sorry my bro life na jeje may God heal u keep praying and believe u shall ve a course to celebrate d lord is ur strength remain bless.

  11. wen a sane person starts exchanging words wit a git,then d sane person becomes a bigger git!##just thinking aloud##

  12. Hank well done for giving your life to Christ. With God all things are possible. You will be heal in Jesus name. Many people who gave their life to Christ has been heal from HIV. Good you repent early before it become too late.

    First of all confess all your sins. Meet your wife and apologies together with some of those women you have infected. Then worship Jesus with your true heart and spirit. Pray, fast never go back to sins. Meet strong men of God together with your current ministry. Read your bible always and meditate on it day night.

    For those of you criticizing him like Bezo and Co. Note the devil uses handsome men and beautiful wives an fame to ruin their lives and destinies. Devil satan are wicket. It can also be a generational curse. He didnt place himself in this position. Devil did it for him by blinding his eyes blocking his ears and all sorts with spiritual wife. Thank God for arresting him early.

    Fellow Christians pray for him to undergo his healing one day.

    • Grace, humans should take responsibilities for the decisions and actions they take and face the concequences…… and stop blaming it on the devil…. hanks now realises it was the devil now that he has HIV and infected a lot of people with this disease including is wife, did he ever put his own children into consideration at all,
      did the devil ask him first or just bounced on him without warning….?
      Devil himself is too busy to take on silly jobs, he is creating more havocs… because when he decides to turn around to those who blames him, just his breathe alone is fire, from afar people will be burnt to a cinder

  13. @ Grace why do we put all our damnable act on devil? i’m not saying this to condemn or express harsh disapproval towards this guy but I just want to know. I have done many things in my life that I know is very dangerous but that doesn’t mean that i’m so smart or I cannot be hit with the consequence but blaming devil for our deliberate action is not right.

    • thank you… this is exactly what i say… people should take responsibility for the decision, action they make and face the consequences

  14. If the report is correct, he deserves to die a painful death. I do not have any sympathy for slackers and I am not bothered by criticisms of my stern position. His God may or may not forgive him; I reserve the right to heap scorn on fellows of such nasty character, who does not even merit a set in hell. It is most pitiful that the maggot passed on the mini-maggots to his wife.

    My prayers are with her and her children

    RIH/Rest In Hell, Hank.

  15. My dear just ignore all d nagative comments of those dat wish u bad,what matters is that you have come to know christ so believe in him that you and ur wife will be normal bcos with GOD all things are possible.Its a matter of time and a thing of Faith.

    • If with God all things are possible, why was her wife not spared from having met that snake and being infected? Was she destined to such uncertain fate? I am amazed how some of us have used the name of God for all kinds of rotten purposes.

  16. I think you need to get your facts right. Jones Matanhire is not the same person as Hanks Anuku. I grew up watching the cobra tvshow and Hanks was not on any one episode. Unless if their stories are the same, but I have a feeling you are tanishing someone’s image. I wish i could post a pic of the real Matanhire, then you will see that they are not the same person

  17. Anyone who still condemns a repentant man is already on the highway to hell. Check your past and present hypocrital life before you throw that stone in the market place. You don’t know if it will hit your mother instead and hit her so hard. Its up to God almighty, his wife and kids to forgive him, not you.

  18. How many of you can confess your abortion history, porn fantasy, lies, HIV, gornnorea etc status openly and be truly sorry. Grow up and stop preventing this new ex-sinner from growing. You are not God almighty.

  19. u know u r positive with HIV, and u still pass it on with ur Wife, dis is wicked now, i know God forgives but u should still go to ur Wife for forgiveness first cause dat is what God will ask u, before he forgives u, mostly ur children too.
    My brother, u have really done more harm to ur family, u need to go and make ammend.

    Mag d good Lord forgive u ur sin.

  20. What u really did to ur wife and kids is wickedness………. Go and ask her for forgiveness and ur kids…… I know my God has forgiven u…. But try and make peace with ur family………

  21. Let us stick to generosity and hospitality toward humanitarian affairs, and let’s say no to egoism, pride and criticism. Let’s be our brothers keeper in love and affection, so we can make this world a better place for all of us.

  22. hank is a very ****** person, my bro. bible even said it that what ever u sow u will reap, abi na me talk am? so go and reap what u sow. I want to use this medium to make it clear to every body that what ever that is sweet also kill.

  23. i was hiv positive for more than 6years, one day my friend introduce me to a man called dr.alli, so i contacted the man told him about my problem, and the man mixed some herb and sent it to me, i took it , 2weeks later i went for checkup only to find out that i am now hiv free, went to another doc yet same result, thats why im sharing my story now, you can contact him with his email. ****, so that he can help you. wish you good luck.

  24. Am not a saint but trully he should go to hell for raping his own flesh and blood kids first but to top it all infecting the poor little children.nomater how much I sin will never try killing my own or anybody else’s children

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