Nigerian Actor Kenneth Okonkwo Flaunts Wife Ifeoma

kenneth okonkwo wife

August 17, 2013 – Nigerian Actor Kenneth Okonkwo Flaunts Wife Ifeoma

At last veteran Nollywood actor Kenneth Okonkwo has revealed the face of the beautiful woman in his life.

The actor has just shared with fans Mrs Ifeoma Okonkwo, his wife of many years.

Do you agree that Kenneth Okonkwo‘s wife is a real Oyinbo pepper.

What a lovely couple!

27 thoughts on “Nigerian Actor Kenneth Okonkwo Flaunts Wife Ifeoma

  1. truth be told kenneth okonkwo’s wife is very ugly she must hv used juju to marry him. sorry bros its too late

    • @ alanta na you sabi how u know him wife used charm for am… people like u can destroy relationship. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    • @alanta: you see that your mouth?? I swear, him go put you for trouble someday if you no mind how u dey talk. James 3:8 calls the tongue a “deadly poison.”

    • ATLANTA !!! ATLANTA !!. am blaming you officially for my weak bladder, I have not stopped laughing at your comment,, Im sure plenty people think you are extremely cruel. But U are too DAMN funny ( and mayb right).. LMAO.OOO

  2. @Bezo u are the most foolish person I hv ever seen who will make a comment without thinking, let’s see ur wife to knw if she does not look like a cheep prostitude. Kenneth Okonkwu u are the best, u have a lovely home. God bless U.

  3. oga ken i hell u. as d bible said dt wht ever dt God has joined together let no one out asiri under so i wish u and ur beautiful wife a hapy maried life. mk una enjoy

  4. Wasn’t this the BASKET Mouth actor who told a reporter that his wife knows better than to talk about his sexual prowess and cant be blamed if her friends want to try him wonder he full of GAS>> He married Ms Piggy) Truth be told self praise is no praise… Nigga Please !!

  5. Try drawing a human being and you will appreciate better how to create one. That is the preferred color of First Ladies or have you haters not noticed?

    Bless you Mr. &Mrs. O and all the best to you.

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