Actor Tunde Alabi Homeless As Amputated Leg Is Deposited @ Mortuary..See Before & After Photo

tunde alabi homeless

Oct 25, 2016 – Village Headmaster Star, Nollywood Actor Tunde Alabi Homeless As Amputated Leg Is Deposited At The Mortuary..See Before & After Photo

The popular Nollywood actor who got one of his legs amputated following a spiritual attack that manifested in form of diabetes is now homeless.

His leg amputation surgery which started on the 20th of October 2016 wrapped up yesterday.

Though doctors tried to prevent the amputation surgery but all failed as his leg infection seems to have reached the terminal stage.

Before amputationAfter amputation

His amputated leg was taken to the mortuary yesterday after the final operation.

His colleague who spoke to reporters yesterday said the actor has no family or friend to take him in as he is currently homeless.

Paul Julius who initially solicited for fund for the actor is calling on kind-hearted Nigerians to come to his rescue as the actor may have increased suicide risk.

15 thoughts on “Actor Tunde Alabi Homeless As Amputated Leg Is Deposited @ Mortuary..See Before & After Photo

  1. Abegi, when he was making money he didn’t think of building his own house. He lavishes the money on cars and women. This is a lesson. Make hay while the sunshine.

    • @ Joyful don’t conclude that this man’s predicament was as a result of his inability to save money or by spending his fortune on women. The situation might not have happened the way you taught it was. @Joyful nobody is above temptation in this life. At times people go through many things which is beyond human comprehension. Only supreme being has a perfect knowledge about what and why we are going through some suffering. Jesus went through suffering in the hands of his people despite the fact that he was God’s chosen. John the Baptist was beheaded for no good reason yet they were being sent to come and admonish people about their iniquities.

      We all going to deal with our temptation and carry our cross when it does happen, that doesn’t mean that the man is womanizer or he doesn’t know how to safe money. This man could have been affected by the economy situation of this Country. You cannot judge people based on your own perception. You out to have known this man to say something negative about him.

      Things happens in life and no condition is permanent. Since life is about mixture of sorrowful and happiness, there is a point in your life when you only going to experience the negative part. That doesn’t mean that you have committed a sin or you are not smart. Nobody knows when and how he/ she will end up his/her life but we all struggling to be in better side of aisle but God is the only determinant of that.

  2. Hmmm, I cant still understand this, his he not married? no kids? Going by his age he should have grown up kids…………………………………………………anyways, I pray destiny helpers locate him.

  3. I dont understand, how could a man of this age and status not have neither family nor friends to come to his aids when even a mad man on the street have relatives and goats at the market place having owners?
    I surely dont understand.
    Hardluck man. Wish you well.

    I just have to take a stroll…

  4. Whot type of contribution was [email protected], so, if someone is soliciting for an asistance it meant he has no relative or saving, life is wider than whot anybody might think, may we not exprience problem that beyond our capacity, amen.

  5. May God help this man. Amen. yes, he might have spent the limited life wrongly by U just because you may have not seen life from his own perspective

  6. this man is dying can somebody help him please ? all the corrupt bastards who stole a a lot money from the government should spend their money to save somebody like this man

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