Nigerian Actor Yomi Fabiyi To Marry Oyinbo Wife In UK Next Month

yomi fabiyi oyinbo wife

Nov 25, 2012 – Nigerian Yoruba Actor Yomi Fabiyi To Marry UK-Based Oyinbo Girlfriend In December

Yoruba actor Yomi Fabiyi who claims to have been jilted by several Nigerian lovers has found love in the heart of his London,UK-based fiancee, Frances.

The lovers are set to marry next month, precisely December 22, 2012.

Nigerian actor Yomi Fabiyi said the wedding will be a low-key one and a secret family affair.

According to Fabiyi, he met Frances, an HR consultant through a fan in London. Fabiyi has met with Frances family members and Frances is set to travel down to Nigeria for their introduction before the proper wedding next month.

Yomi Fabiyi said after his previous relationship failure, he was afraid of falling in love again.

In his own word below:

“Following a messy relationship that led to an heartbreak few years back, I was so afraid of falling in love until I met Frances. I found every qualities I want in a woman in her. She laughs at my jokes even when they’re not that funny.”

“My dear Frances loved me for me. There may not be a perfect marriage but I will marry with whom I can find rest of mind and peace. Though she later found out am an actor, she love my job and will support me in all ways. She is understanding.. She said she love Africa and Nigerians. It’s not a secret wedding but my immediate family and few closer friends are going to be in attendance.”

Wishing the couple a happy married life in advance.

17 thoughts on “Nigerian Actor Yomi Fabiyi To Marry Oyinbo Wife In UK Next Month

  1. Fools, u dont read what he said about his new finf love and future wife to be.he want to marry someone ,he find rest of mind and peace,even is Oyinbo, are they not humanbeing,colour,religion and tribe got nothing to do with Love,shine ur eye, we are in 2012 not 2000yrs backward.

  2. lauging to ur jokes indeed. All these nigerian actors sha, no be money u dey find ni ole and ole. U dont love her but luv her f**king money!

  3. This Girl is a very lucky Girl, infact too lucky. Thanks u very much oga actor. This will sound so crazy to all the homies out there, but all the Afro Europeans and Afro Americans know how lucky is this girl and why she is lucky.

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