Nigerian Actress Angela Okorie Talks About Her Calling From God & How She Joined Nollywood

angela okorie calling from God

August 13, 2013 – Nigerian Actress Angela Okorie Talks About Her Calling From God & How She Joined Nollywood

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie is set to join the list of Nigerian movie stars who have yielded to the calling of God.

The Ishiagu, Ebonyi-born actress who was brought up in Cotonou said she has a calling from God.

In a recent interview, hear what the mother of one said;

My growing up was beautiful. I grew up in a Christian family, but I used to be a tomboy, always with the guys. I don’t always hang with the girls; most of my friends are guys, till now. I’m from a family of five and I’m the third born in my family. I’m a soloist in my church before I came to Nigeria.

Angela Okorie talks about her calling from God

I know I have a calling to work for God. It might come to pass soon but I don’t know when. My aim in life is to touch souls one way or the other because it’s important I leave my foot prints in every life I meet.

Angela Okorie On Husband and marriage

I’m happily married with a son to Mr Chukwuma Orizu. My son’s name is Chamberline Orizu.

How She Joined Nollywood

I followed a friend to the location and the director saw me and said I fit into a particular character. Then he asked me if I can act and I said yes. So I did and I did it well. Since then, acting started working for me and I continued with it and built it as a career.

18 thoughts on “Nigerian Actress Angela Okorie Talks About Her Calling From God & How She Joined Nollywood

  1. my dearest sister if u have a call from GOD and u dont know when it shall come to pass,please INNE just keep praying seriously and GOD will show u and direct u on how n where to start.REMAIN BLESSED MY SISTER.

  2. I guess u stick to ur calling, cos acting is not ur calling, no hard feelings, but ur one hell of a boring actress.

  3. you see say Ebonyi state no de carry last. move on my sister and never mind what the haterz say. please, Nigeria must rise above hate. Ebonyi state ROCKS!!!

  4. dear Sister Angela, I do believe that you can have a calling from God and be an actor. It is very possible that God wants to use by first making you a successful actress, so that people will notice you and also bless you with wealth, which you can then use to help others.
    Not every one who has the calling must be a pastor, evangelist, or priest; your calling may be to become a philantropist and help less privilaged ones. Just pray to Almighty God, Chukwu Onyeokike, to guide you and show you how HE wants to use you; then form your Foundation (NGO) and go to work for God. (See how God is blessed Bill Gates, who is now using his wealth to help poor people all over the world – Mr. Gates is neither a priest, pastor, nor an envangelist). Then choose the roles you play to reflect your calling.

    By the way, I am a fellow Waawa person, from Enugu State. I pray that God continues to bless you and your family.

  5. Angela, I have taken time to watch many of the films where you featured. I can bet my house on it that you are a very good actress. Meanwhile, whatever role you chose to play as an actress, remember your calling, and do well to project Him who has called you when ever possible. God will guide you. Ride on lady!

  6. Angela my dear you are too good. keep it up and always remember to give way to your calling ok. one of your movie that really moved me was the Vampire. i love you and sty bless with your family.

  7. My dear sister, you can as well affect miserable lives in the movie industry that has been doomed in different ways, remember that God can’t push you to do his work but you got to start and you’ll see yourself doing it with joy unspeakable flowing all around you. Go in thy might….

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