Nigerian Actress Funke Adesiyan’s Breast Enlargement Surgery Sparks Outrage – See Before & After Photo

funke adesiyan breast surgeryBefore & After

April 6, 2013 – Nigerian Actress Funke Adesiyan’s Breast Enlargement Surgery Sparks Outrage – See Before & After Photo

Nigerian actress Funke Adesiyan has joined the league of big Nollywood babes who are naturally endowed with the exception that her own endowment is artificial.

According to Nollywood insiders, the Yoruba actress recently lashed a whopping $7,000 on breast enlargement surgery to further enhance her look.

Sources very close to Funke Adesiyan claim her new husband is spoiling her with multimillion naira daily.

We also learnt that Funke Adesiyan’s new hubby is a lover of heavily endowed women hence her sudden breast augmentation surgery.

Though the now megally endowed actress has denied it, sources are still standing by their claims.

The insiders claim Funke Akinsinya has gone under the blade to inject silicon into her breast area in order to make her look more attractive.

In a recent interview with Nigerian Tribune, Funke Adesiyan debunked the story.

Below is what she said;

“I still wonder where such stories came out from, I am sure it might have emanated from some jobless people who see nothing else about me but my melons . It is not true of course; it’s an imagination of the person that carried the rumour. My melons are the same, no increase, no decrease, just normal as usual,”

The rumour became more intense when the beautiful babe was spotted at Club Octopus in Alagomeji area of Yaba Lagos state Nigeria with an usual heavy chest.

Another Cossy Orjiakor in the making Lol.

23 thoughts on “Nigerian Actress Funke Adesiyan’s Breast Enlargement Surgery Sparks Outrage – See Before & After Photo

  1. Dat stuff ain’t any enlargement… wz as a result of the clothings she wore……naija won’t stop carrying rumours.

  2. @jee u r absolutely correct she is busty naturally she didn’t wear a fitting bra dat made her bust fuller its called push-up bra

  3. for me are first picture she looks more natural breast which is big and nice body chocolate is went to enlarge with silcon breast ,like boom that will blow up + bleaching skin,she and her husband must be sick in the brain,what is beatifull in this one,that look like street prosititu….

  4. if at all she enlarged her breast then i’ll call that stupidity coz she is naturally endowed but if she didnt, haters should just let her be!

  5. Old boy, the breast na helele, I no mind touch am small. Anyway the breast looks succulent. She was created on Wednesday when God have materials in abundance.

  6. She didn’t have any breast enlargement surgery. Those melons are simply natural, they’re so big as a result of what she’s wearing, its called plunge….ladies wear them to make the breasts look fuller.

  7. she owns her breast and whole body, what business do anybody has with her? if she want to put silicon on her whole body, let her go ahead joor……..funky baby, dem no get job…..u fine pass dem. na envy. ur boob is beautiful and ur hubby likes it, dat settles it

  8. Nha her sabi jooo but all what I knw is dat by dere are fruit will shall know them and what see believed she will pass to other so to this she not a good follower

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