Nigerian Actress Ashabi Dies Of Stroke & Asthma 2 Years After Colleagues Abandoned Her

nigerian actress mulikat adegbola dies stroke

December 5, 2016 – Nollywood Yoruba Actress Mulikat Adegbola Ashabi Dies Of Stroke & Asthma 2 Years After Colleagues Abandoned Her

One the latest victims of untimely deaths in Nollywood this year is veteran Nollywood actress Mulikat Adegbola.

The talented movie star popularly called Ashabi Sha Dollar, Iya Adinni passed away on her sick bed at her home in Lagos on Friday December 2nd 2016 at the age of 58.

Though she has been battling stroke since 2014, none of her colleagues solicited for help on her behalf.

She was allegedly abandoned to the point of death.

A Nollywood insider said her home has now become a tourist site for popularly Nollywood stars who abandoned the actress to her fate two years ago.

May her soul rest in peace.

13 thoughts on “Nigerian Actress Ashabi Dies Of Stroke & Asthma 2 Years After Colleagues Abandoned Her

  1. if there is anything i don’t like about these nollywood stars…its the way they neglect their colleague that really needs their help to survive until such person passes away

  2. pls Nollywood actors,and actress, try and get welfare official to give attention to people who needed it. pls do,shallom.

  3. The Nollywood has adopted the Inefficiency and irresponsible from our leaders. Lack of proper co-ordination and solid plan is what is affecting us as a Country and in all our works of life. There should be a system in place to take care of Nollywood members who have health issue or on their hospital sick bed.

    All actors and actresses should have a fee paid towards all these unexpected circumstances. Apart from giving them relief of financial burden that really promotes a strong alliance among the Nollywood’s. It is sad to leave your colleagues on their fate whenever they are in distress situation like this. There are many ways to raise funds in anticipation to this kind of situation. One of them is to levy anyone who produce movie to donate 1 or 2% of the total cost of production into the purse of this association. Also, annual due may be levied on each member so the money can be used to help some actors/actresses who are going through health, financial or death.

    Do not ignore your colleague during their down time because you may also find yourself in the worst situation. That is my take on this issue.

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