Nigerian Actress Susan Peters Buys New House & Car

susan peters house car pictures

January 19, 2014 – Nollywood Actress Susan Peters Buys New House & Car

For those who do not know her, Susan Peters is an experienced Nollywood star who hardly show up in movies these days.

She is secretly married to an elderly London-based white man who has never stopped spending lavishly on her.

The Benin-born Nollywood actress on Saturday shared photos of her newly acquired mansion and a brand new car. Susan Peters said it is a new year and everything about her must be new.

See Susan Peters’ new house and car picture below

nigerian actress susan peters new house

Nollywood insiders said the actress always get whatever she asked for from her British husband.

How many of her colleagues can date an old man….Nothing goes for nothing in this world.

Susan Peters is indeed a lucky girl. Congrats to her.

9 thoughts on “Nigerian Actress Susan Peters Buys New House & Car

  1. I respect this site because I am Susan Peter’s next door neighbour in Birmingham. If you guys see her husband, you will pity her parents. The man is like 89 year old. His name is Anthony Peters. Email me at tanyag*****.com for more details. I can also provide you with a picture with a small fee agreement. Some of these actresses are shameless.

  2. How can she marry her father’s age. These ladies are so desperate.
    I believe she will have a boyfriend in Nigeria

  3. Na her life abeg. If she decied to marry a young man now, she will not have rest of mind like most of us. So i think its better dat way. Susan abeg if u see another one contact me on dis no: 05G067723097. Enjoy!!!

  4. Esther my granpa dey village..its a characteristic of gready lazy bimbos..who want to leave big..i hiss at her.

  5. Esther the Esther,my sister,I go start to dey put eye incase i see one for you way dey single.che! Esther want kill me with laughter this morning.girl red don already love you too much.On a more serious note my dear,is not your portion for such relationship.I wish you yours not okirika dry sperm.Mr hudson,I hear you too na her life.

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