Nigerian Catholic Priests & Their Secret Wives By George Ikenna

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November 5, 2016 – The Secret Wives & Girlfriends Of Nigerian Catholic Priests By George Ikenna

First, it was in Kaduna, where a Catholic priest was suspended and disrobed because he fathered children. Now it is in Ebonyi, precisely Abakaliki, where another suspended Catholic priest, Christopher Okorie, has just wedded his sweetheart at a court registry.

These are just the little that the public know. Many priests are impregnating women and fathering children every day. It is not new. Many of them have secret girlfriends and wives.

I don’t know why the Pope would not allow them to marry. Those of them that cannot hold their p*nis should be allowed to marry. It is also true that many of the men that found their way into the priestly vocation were not called to be there.

But since there is no effective way of screening them out, those of them that want to marry should be allowed to do so, to save the priesthood from this show of shame and disrespect.

15 thoughts on “Nigerian Catholic Priests & Their Secret Wives By George Ikenna

    • @ Joyful, nobody ever prevents them from being married but they choose to do so in order to prove to the world that they are indeed “Father”.

      These people are not priests but liar. You cannot continue to deceive God and expect him to keep your hidden secret. Most of these people are pretenders. They are just ordinary people like you and me who have wife and children then move from one state to the other claiming they are Father because nobody no their secret in their new abode.


  2. Very funny, who under this world doesnt know that TOOTO is very sweat, this people should stop deceaving theirself jesus can not be copy.

  3. The frailty of an insignificant few cannot obliterate the sincerity and goodness of many good and holy Catholic priests. There would always be ‘Judas(s)’ among Jesus’s disciples. Pray for, and do not condemn them.God bless our priests.

  4. What the world does not understand, they disrespect and even disregard. The mystery behind what we call here the Priesthood is far and continues to be beyond our comprehension. Why cant we just focus on making the world a better place and even cleaning our hearts and minds, than conjecturing uncertain facts

  5. well talk,most of them were very dangerous and nawaday they ride d best cars,2 of them have toasted me physically that they want to see their children and want their generation to continue but i refuse,is better if they will start to marry like its counter part cms its better.

  6. sola olaniyi , never you ever judge anyone, we all are not perfect and if ye bear no spot of sin then cast the first stone. to be a rev father is not a do or die affair in the bible there were so many God’s servants that did not get married , but here so parents push there children to do what they dont wish to thereby fallen prey.if you wish to get married then dont be a Catholic priest in the name of God.

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