Nigerian Comedian Bovi Proposed To Girlfriend…So Nice

comedian bovi proposed to girlfriend

Sept 4, 2013 – Nigerian Comedian Bovi Proposed To Girlfriend…So Nice

Nigerian comedian Bovi has popped the question of a lifetime to his video girlfriend for an upcoming comedy show in Warri next month.

Check out the scene where his girlfriend named Ijeoma dropped the iPad… hahahah in your dreams.

Watch the video below;


This bobo don kolo no be small.

15 thoughts on “Nigerian Comedian Bovi Proposed To Girlfriend…So Nice

  1. He poppd d question jokingly. Hense I dont think it’s serious. Dat girl should watchout. He me com on d morrow2say he neva meant it.
    Dat’s my litl piece. Oda ppl may now speak theirs.

  2. Na for which ‘Car park’ im go propose? Comedians will always be comedians! Any which way, congrats. Invite us to come and eat rice soonest o.

  3. Bovi this ur Video make sence oh,but u funny shaa na wey u no marry the girl how she go take replace her IPad? Marriage she no see,iPad 4 where,car she no go enter,then finally as she blow u ,u come kpeme who loose? Hahahaha

  4. Una see wetin psquare dey cause,Babe no worry I get solution.make you first find how u go take open the fuel tank,fill painter bucket with salt take am fill his fuel tank,go for bonnet that place wey oil dey,add am salt no burn d motor oo,Run go police station dey there call am tell am wetin happen.make sure sey u carry 10,000 bail urself.I hear sey Dbanji,iyanya,jim ike never marry u know wetin I mean.all those lover boys wey suppose marry wey no wan marry they easy to catch na me dey tell u,catch 2 or4 cut ur own share waka go carry big eye them unless u wan. die of heart attack,remember catch am,fuck them up,cut it share and waka.u don turn celeb bcos u fuck am.I repeat no marry them bcos most of them na public husband &bed warmer.since we no sabi. no be who.MAKE U NO NEAR THE MARRIED ONES,I TAKE RED BEG U.if u finish turn born again if u no pray begin model or enter school.if u do all this come win we go talk price or I fit manage Bovi for u as payment for this advise.I hope say u dey feel me? we go put down in writing say na me go get Bovi.No try double cross me oo.I dey. watch you.

  5. John why ur body dey hot like dis? Who no sabi sey na joke? if u hear Bovi u surpose know say na joke be him surname.even d air wey he breath na joke so no worry urself.

  6. hahahahahahhhhahhhhhhhhhahhahahahahaha, Bovi this is too funny lol, i love it. u always make me laugh.ipad for were? moto for were? marry no be only, that too bad hahahahhahhhha.

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