Nigerian Doctor Ayodeji Adewakun & Husband On Trial For Using Fellow Nigerian As Slave In UK

nigerian doctor used nigerian woman as slave

May 10, 2017 – Nigerian Couple Accused Of Using Fellow Nigerian As Slave In UK On Trial

Nigerian Doctor Ayodeji Adewakun & Husband Abimbola Adewakun On Trial For Using Woman As Slave In UK 

44-year-old Dr Ayodeji Adewakun and her husband 48-year-old Abimbola Adewakun, 48, have been accused of trafficking a Nigerian woman to the UK and making her work 18-hour shifts.

They are alleged to have paid the accused, Iyabo Olatunji, £20 a week and beat her when she demanded a higher wage.

Olatunji, 37, told Southwark Crown Court on Monday that she was also made to work hard everyday cleaning their house before staying late and cooking the couple’s dinner.

The couple allegedly persuaded Olatunji who was working as a secretary for a local government in Nigeria to leave her home and job in Nigeria to look after their two young children at their three-bedroom home in Erith, south east London, in 2004.

In a contract signed in 2004, Naij reports that Ayodeji promised her £450 per month in a contract signed by the couple and the victim which also set out a range of terms and conditions of her employment.Daily Mail reports

Abimbola Adewakun

The contract reportedly also included caring for the couple’s two young children at an agreed time and days.

However, Olatunji denied she was made aware of any duties expected of her outside of her babysitting role and added that she had never even had a bank account set up for her to receive her wages into.

She claims she came to the UK with just five Nigerian Naira in her pocket and was not even treated to a t-shirt she liked during a family holiday to Euro Disney.

She claims she was made to sleep at midnight and forced to get up at 6am every morning to get the children fed and ready for school.

She recalled being slapped three times by the doctor when she asked for more money to cater for herself.

The first occasion, coinciding with her birthday, was documented in a diary she kept, which also detailed the strict payment schedule. Jurors heard the babysitter wrote:

Aunty fight with me today. She slapped my face twice. The day I will never forget in my life. The first time in history that somebody has slapped my face.”

Olatunji also claimed she was assaulted again twice before she reported her situation to Ayodeji’s mother.

Ayodeji and her husband both denied obtaining services by deception and trafficking a person into the UK for exploitation.

The trial continues.

3 thoughts on “Nigerian Doctor Ayodeji Adewakun & Husband On Trial For Using Fellow Nigerian As Slave In UK

  1. To enjoy service like this one better remain in Nigeria where you have workers anyhow who will work their last belly and then you refused to pay them refused to pay them.

    Some of you too bad you use people anyhow. May god deliver them.

  2. £450 a month for babysitting two kids and cooking dinner not included…mmmmm, I hope she has the properly signed contract handy and did not record the terms of her employment in her diary because this truth resembles a lie.

  3. This is small slave compared to what i suffered in London in my own cousin’s hand. I took care of 3 children and husband and wife with 24hrs work. No single payment, no compasation. No penny. I left London with nothing. Not even with my Nigeria passports. Please if there’s any lawyer that handle this case for me i will give 30 percent of the money realise. I have no body to help me with the issue. Each time i remember my slave work in UK i feel like committing suicide. Is as if the husband and wife is using charm for my family cos no body has ever raised the issue in my home. Or anybody have an idea where i can lay cause on this family so that i can get all i have lost. Please help me. 08165270861 Ify

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