Nigerian King Alaafin Of Oyo & 4 Wives Go Shopping At London Mall [PHOTOS]


alaafin oyo wives london shopping

Sept 4, 2014 – Nigerian King Alaafin Of Oyo & 4 Wives Go Shopping At Westfield Mall In London, UK [PICTURES]

The King of Oyo, Alaafin Lamidi Adeyemi recently travelled to London, UK with his 4 wives for his 76th birthday celebration.

The popular King shut down an entire shopping mall in London when he and his wives made a majestic entrance into Westfield Mall in the presence of paparazzi.

Alaafin Queens treated him to a royal manicure while onlookers were posing for pictures with Nigeria’s most popular Royal father.

The five of them later went into VUE cinemas for a relaxing movie session before leaving the mall.

DJ Abass and many Nigerians were spotted at the mall bowing to Alaafin and following him everywhere he went.

Britons were also taken by surprise to see the royal family dressed in beautiful family attire.

Check out more photos of Alaafin and his wives in London below:

Just take a look at his level of confidence and the oral and honour around him. He must have made Nigerians proud on that day.

I hear his youngest wife is 16. chei!!!!! that age gap is a bit too much but she seems happy.