Nigerian Lady, Throat Cancer Victim Committed Suicide Today


nigerian lady committed suicide cancer

Dec 4th, 2013 – Nigerian Woman, Throat Cancer Victim Killed Herself Today

A liberal reader just brought my attention to this sad story of a Nigerian lady who might have killed herself today after she engaged in oral sex with her new boyfriend.

In the message titled “today is my last day on earth”, the lady vows to kill herself so as to escape the pain of throat cancer.

Read the letter the mystery lady sent to Stella Dimorkokus below:

“Today is my last day on earth because I will be taking my own life. But before I leave I want to tell a little story that I hope even one person will learn from.

Valentine’s day of 2011, I was a mummy/daddy’s girl. Every single time I left school for the weekend, I would head straight home. No detours. But this day was different. All my friends were leaving school and making valentine plans. Valentine was really in the air, I suggested to my then boyfriend that I come over to his place. He accepted happily.

Long story short. He gave me HPV. You don’t need to google it. I will tell it to you in the simplest terms.

I had never had sex but did other things that night, I let him rub his penile organ (lol) against my vagina and I gave him a blow job. Rubbing his genitals against mine gave me genital warts (a product of HPV) and giving him a blow job gave me throat cancer. Yes. And all these symptoms manifested in less than a week.

Genital warts manifested with little bumps in groups on my inner and outer vaginal lips. For  the Throat cancer, when I open my mouth really wide and look in the mirror, I can see the lumps in my throat. This later on progressed to severe coughing, ear pain, feeling the lump when I swallow, blood (when the cough gets severe) and throat pain.

Oh yeah, and same HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer. Thankfully(?) I don’t have this.

I was a virgin with an STD. Nothing more painful I tell you. Perfect example of God punishing me for fornicating.
There was no evidence or sign of warts or any std-like thing on him, so no, there were no warning signs on his penile organ. He had HPV with no visible symptoms.

This boyfriend person apparently knew he had it and chose to give it to me all the same (I later on found out I was the side chick lol). I confronted him about it and he said he took a test and the result is negative. Hahaha. There is currently no test by which a man can find out if he carries the HPV virus. He did not go for any test.He lied and he surprisingly knew a lot about HPV during this telephone conversation. Someone else must have confronted him before.

Fast forward many months after, I met a wonderful guy. Couldn’t bring myself to tell him my embarrassing story. I let him give me head and gbam!, I had given him throat cancer. Now I didn’t know you could get throat cancer through HPV. I didn’t even know I had throat cancer until after the incident with this guy. I did not willfully give it to him.

I can’t forgive myself. One foolish valentine night and I am paying with my life. Throat cancer is not a death sentence but I am too tired to even fight it. It’s been 2 years now, God knows how far it has spread.”

This lady needs to go for checkup before ending her life.

How can she believe she has throat cancer just because she thought so.

Keep in mind that suicide is never a solution to any problem in life.

Dear lady if you are still alive and reading this article, please don’t take your life, it’s one of the biggest mistakes in life.

No matter what you’ve done, God will forgive and heal you.

Take heart and share your problem with someone close to you.

Remember a problem shared is half-solved.

Dear liberal readers, please let’s advice this lady or someone else that might be heading down the same lane. Thank you.