Nigerian Man Who Crushes Baby Daughter To Death While Reversing Car Says He Was Tested By God

nigerian man crushes baby daughter death

Feb 17, 2018 – Nigerian Man Who Ran Over, Kills Baby Daughter While Reversing Car In Katsina Says He Was Tested By God

This adorable toddler was yesterday mistakenly killed by her father in Katsina state.

Her father, Abubakar Darma a student said he accidentally ran over her while reversing his car at their residence on Friday.

The heartbroken dad called the gory incident that led to the death of his daughter an act of God.

So sad!!.

8 thoughts on “Nigerian Man Who Crushes Baby Daughter To Death While Reversing Car Says He Was Tested By God

  1. Thought it happened in the south or is it a recent occurence?do we nowbturn off reverse gear from our vehicles.this one tire me oo

  2. All this northerners wont stop all this gory act of theirs.
    check out this God forsaking fool who caused the death of his daughter and still has the heart to say its act an tested by God

  3. I DON‘T Know why muslims are so so ignorant. The devil has really cheated them by removing the God made brain and sense of reasoning in them and replace it with Custard instead.

    Its so annoying to hear them attributing everything that happens to them to God.
    My question for all the muslims out there:- if ONLY God is responsible for everything that happens in life, WHAT then is the work of the devil?
    Or you guys think the devil is a redundant, idle applicant???

    I take a stroll…

    • Bro, i really like reading your comments but you disappointed me on this. why tag all the Muslims fools? do you throw away a crate of eggs because one is bad?

  4. These people are delusional,•Islam• he should cut off his penis and say is act of God aswell… SCUMBAGS

  5. let me tell as somebody who went through the same thing in 2009, it has nothing to do with religion or who you are, nobody ask for this to happen to them.. I pray that the same God who has seen thorugh, do the same to you.

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