Nigerian Man Found Dead In Boston, Massachusetts – RIP Benjamin Chibuogwu

benjamin chibuogwu

December 12, 2013 –  Nigerian Man Found Dead In His Boston, Massachusetts Apartment – RIP Benjamin Chibuogwu

Three divorced Nigerian men have died this year in Massachusetts, US under similar circumstances.

Months after the death of two divorced Nigerian men, another man, 57-year-old Benjamin Chibuogwu has been found dead.

Benjamin, a 2 times divorcee was found dead under a strange circumstance at his apartment in Lowell, Massachusetts this past Saturday.

Late Benjamin who hails from Awka in Anambra state attended the Awka Convention in New Jersey over the Thanksgiving weekend and sources who saw him claimed he was ok.

Benjamin Chibuogwu’s dead body was discovered 3 days after his death.

The gruesome discovery was made by a friend of his brother. His brother who lives in Seattle, Washington couldn’t reach him over the phone for 3 days, this forced him to contact a friend living nearby who paid him a visit with his landlord and to their surprise, they discovered his lifeless body.

Late Benjamin who has divorced twice lived alone. He is survived by two boys and 3 girls.

Chibuogwu popularly known as “Benny Chuks” briefly played professional soccer with Vasco Da Gama Football Club of Enugu before coming to the United States.

A wake keeping service has been scheduled for him this coming Saturday the 13th of December 2013 at a church in the area.

His body would be taken back to his hometown of Awka in Anambra state, Nigeria for burial next week.

Here are pictures of Benjamin Chibuogwu and his family.

The mystery surrounding the sudden death of 3 Nigerians within a year

Earlier in 2013, a 60-year-old Nigerian man also based in Lowell was found dead in his apartment. Elias Onyechi who hails from Ogidi in Anambra state was divorced and lived alone. He was laid to rest in Lowell.

Over the summer, another Nigerian man named Sonny Asoa, a former resident of Lowell passed away in Revere, Massachusetts. Sonny too was divorced and lived alone.

I think police should investigate the mystery surrounding their deaths.

They need to figure out if these men dated the same woman because something is common with the three of them.

May their souls rest in perfect peace (amen).

14 thoughts on “Nigerian Man Found Dead In Boston, Massachusetts – RIP Benjamin Chibuogwu

  1. If you investigate them properly these men are depressed and under the burden of IRS to pay child benefit.
    The hopelessness and lack of money to take kia of themselves might have probably led to their death.

    • very true…. it’s taken us Africans to realise that running abroad is NOT only way out, there are so many pitfalls…. a lot of our happy going men and women find themselves in this very same sad situations…. and there seems to be no way out… it becomes a vicious merry go round circle…. a situation or system you weren’t born into/used to, but you find your self in it…. it kills you, you work so damn hard , and all the money goes into spousal and child support… you loose your big house move into a small apartment, paying for rent… from home-owner to tenant and at what age…. any human being will be down-casted, feel like a failure and at what age are you going to recover and succeed out of it… then now make it….. at this stage where are your friends, even family are occupied with their issues…. not that do help , but it gets to a stage where personally it becomes impossible to reach out to that person mentally, emotionally even at times spiritually….. IT BECOMES A NO WAY NO WIN SITUATIONS… SO THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO TAKE ONES LIFE….I AM NOT SAYING HE COMMITTED SUICIDE , BUT IT COULD BE MEDICAL… STRESS TO THE BRAIN AND HEART… may his soul rest in peace amen

  2. I don’t pray to travel to America if this is what the country is all about.
    Someone must have killed 3 of them with chemical or something.
    Police should treat this as hate crime and homicide case.

    • It is plain and simple. This country can be very lonely and depressing. These Oyibo women often goes back to another man once you’re no longer able to support them in the life style they are accustom to. Once they are done with you, you can live under a rock as far as they are concerned. At this time, our people who thought that they have it all with Oyibo wife, can’t go home because they are ashamed to start all over, and most of our women don’t want their baggage & all the stress that comes with ‘leftover’ So the end result is a very lonely existence. Now comes the heart problem, loneliness, HBP etc. Loneliness and lack of money is the number one killer in this country, because bills must be paid every month. Not to talk of child support. For our brothers: It is never too late to start over at home. Your people will not turn you back. Tell a friend what is bothering you. There would always be somebody who would or may want to take a chance in starting over with you. Just Talk to Somebody – rather than dying in silent and alone.

  3. This is painful see those lovely kids. I will never advice Nigerian men to marry foreigners as wife the cultural differences is enough to crash their marriage. I believe Benjamin was a victim of oppression.
    After 5 kids, he is now single and living alone. His white wife has sucked him dry. rip poor man

  4. What an incredible one here, that after all these years of suffering before one stands out as a man with all these beautiful children of his, only to be laid in a pool of his blood. But one can actually dug a pit for himself, how can one divorce twice? probably one of benjamin’s wife might know something about his sudden death.

  5. It is not mysterious in any way, these are regular incidents both in US & the UK. These men are under severe depression, kids are grown and would not want anything to do with their father, no wife no children and nobody to care for them. A man age 50 and above living alone, they are looking back at what could have been and regretting their present lives. Diabetes, stress and high blood pressure sets in and the next thing is stroke and death without warning. Please our Nigerian men try to marry from your own race it is not discrimination but reality check, in times of trouble even if your wife leaves you, your children will not. There are beautiful women in Nigeria(black or light skin) shine your eyes ooooooo.

  6. @ Debbie It is even worse with nigerian women. especially our Igbo women. I am igboman and a victim. Just come see what they are doing to nigerian men Amerian woman cant do that. They want to suck u dry and takes everything to her family even to the detriment of her biological children. Divorced u put u on child support at old age. A lot of men are fed with this problem but the ate afraid of the consequemces yhe system couple with the abandonement by theit kids. They atttend african party fake smile and never share a bed at home. Obviously they are enslaved by their nigerian wives but cant complain cus of the system. To these women the western culture made them the head of the family. Alot of our men are living single at old age. So it common among Igbowomen and they even form divorcee assocition and lesbian association here in Houston Texas. Yet the come to churches claiming single only for men to fall victim. Igbowomen are the worse culprit

    • Kedu, I totally disagree! You people go home and look for ‘Nurse, Dr’ and the like – not love. You marry profession, thus they treat you like business arrangement that it is. You all neglect the Nigerian women that have lived in the system, understand the system and can share love to go and “marry innocent” women at home. Those are the one that take you guys to school and give you what you ‘bought’ I know a bunch of good ladies in this country, working professionals in their 40’s and 50’s that don’t know these type of women that you talked about. They’re sophisticated and respectful. The only women that behave as you stated above are the one you guys brought from home for the dream that they would help keep you in the life that you dream off. Plus your dream that they are innocent and would not talk back. Guess what, they are worst. Glad you guys are finding out now.

  7. I have heard about the Nigerian lesbian associations, what a taboo it is very Un-African…. THERE ARE GOOD AND BAD IN EVERY LAND AND CULTURE…. AS HUMANS, WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE DECISIONS AND ACTIONS WE TAKE, one day we will all stand before him to give account…. This life that GOD Almighty blessed us with, we should always strive to pick out the good in our culture and from the western culture to build ourselves and our children up….. As an individual I cannot deny my heritage, it is my identity…. I know what my customs and traditions are, do’s and don’ts. something that was spoken against and destroyed by GOD IN THE BIBLE, THE CITY OF SODOM AND GOMORRAH….. afterall only one man and one woman was created in the garden of eEden…. if you look at the female and male sexual organs it is different , but created and designed to intersect and it fits perfectly well… why would a man prefer to go through the anus of another same sex, when the anus has being creating for human waste, reasons why the muscules there is tight and not to be tampered with, except for defication…. as for the women why go use a dildo when the real thing is naturally around… so one can see how un-natural and unclean it is… forgive me I do not mean to offend any or judge ANYONE PLEASE, BUT THE HONEST AND NATURAL TRUTH NEEDS TO BE SAID, IT IS VERY BITTER… WHY should one now turn around and practise such, in the name of exposure or whatever they call it…. it is simply -UN-HOLY AND A TABOO IN OUR AFRICAN CULTURE…… EVEN IN THE BIBLE….MAY THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN BE SAVED…. AMEN… GOD PLEASE TAKE CARE OD US AND OUR CHILDREN MAY WE NEVER FALL INTO THE DESTRUCTIVE HANDS OF THE WRONG PERSON… HELP US TO MAKE OUR DAY TO DAY DECISIONS, PROTECT AND GUILD US AMEN

  8. With deep and sincere sympathy, I wish to express my condolences to the family, especially the children he left behind. May the good Lord be with them and take them unto a higher height in their endeavours in live. The world is rapidly and swiftly going the way of destruction by our attitude toward God’s divine instructions that are meant to better our lives if we delegently observe them. We find ourselves in these mess because we (men) are reprobate, we chose to go our own way rather than conforming to God’s image that He (God) has made us to be. But if we make a U turn today, coming back to our maker with sincere heart to do His will, He will turn unto us with healing and blessing.

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