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Most Nigerian Men In Austria Are Womanizers – David Alaba’s Younger Sister, Rose May Alaba

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Most Nigerian Men In Austria Are Womanizers – David Alaba’s Younger Sister, Rose May Alaba

See excerpts of popular footballer David Alaba younger sister, upcoming singer Rose May Alaba’s recent chat with Adeniyi Adewoyin during he recent trip to Nigeria

HOW is the acceptance of African music in Austria?

They love it, they play me on the radio, and they really like it. I feel like they are really accepting me infusing afro sound into my music much more than me just doing pop. I feel I’m on the right part.

What have you been up to since you arrived Nigeria?

I’ve been in the studio with Spotless working on new stuff so that has been very, very great. I feel like for a woman coming in, it’s not that easy but I feel like there’s no one like me here in Africa. So, I feel like if I infuse afro into what I am doing people will appreciate it and I can feel the love already.

Just like Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay who were based abroad before coming to Nigeria to do music fully, how fast do you think you will be able to break into the industry?

I already feel the love on my social media. People have been writing me, loving my music and appreciating me for coming back. They are super intense and I feel the genuine love so I’m not really scared of coming here and putting out my music. I feel like anywhere is home to me so I don’t have to be scared.

Which female artiste would you like to work with in Nigeria?

Yemi Alade. I just love how authentic she is. I love the way she dances and expresses herself with so much energy so I will love to work with her.

What do you think the Nigerian music industry needs right now?

I think that right now for me, the Nigerian music needs more classic stuffs like the proper classic afro beats but mixed with pop. I think that’s what I am bringing. I am bringing optimum afro fusion so I feel like nobody has it here so it’s actually a good plan for me to just spread my music all over the country.

What projects should your fans be expecting from you?

I’m planning to release my album in 2019 and also I’m planning to do shows in December for Christmas. I just really want to come here and do music and also like living here in the future because I really love the vibe. If you ask my family they will tell you Rosemay doesn’t want to come back over there because I love it here. I can feel how people feel me. I am trying to keep it professional but obviously I’m young and new in the business but I am just trying to give my best and to make the most uncomfortable situation comfortable and just do what I love and be passionate about it.

I found out you don’t expose your body in videos which is unusual to female musicians; do you share a different ideology?

I am just being myself. I don’t like spreading my legs on camera. That’s not just me, that was never me and I would never do it for no kind of money, for no kind of music industry. I just want to be me. If I want to wear something short I will but if I don’t then I am not wearing.

Do you also have passion for football?

I used to try but I decided to do music.

At work point did you decide that music is a better option for you than football?

When they told me that I have to come for training three times in a week I was like ok bye because music is quite easy for me. I’ve always had it in me.

Are you at any point under pressure to do songs that are really similar to what is obtainable in the industry today?

Yes that’s for sure but I feel like the particular sound that I do like mixing pop with afro beats doing this afro fusion thing really makes my sound different from the rest. I feel like I have a good chance to show the people that I am here now and I have different sound and that I am here to stay.

You sing a lot about love. Are you in love?

No, not right now. I’m really focusing on my career right now trying to do great music. I am in love with my career right now.

What do you think about Nigerian guys compared to where you are coming from?

They are very, very flirt I must say but I feel like you got to take care too because you can be lost in their eyes. They know how to talk.

You wrote the theme song for the special Olympics2017; how did you get that deal?

Through Coca Cola we’ve been in the Coke family for a while now through David, he has been doing commercials for them and they just believe me and asked me basically if I want to write the theme song for the special Olympic 2017 and I was on for it.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. iron bar

    November 10, 2018 at 3:57 AM

    Even as u claim,womanizers full for austria,bedmizers full naija well well and be ready to reist those pressures..seems like u arent ex[osed yet and hate to spread in music videos..pls keep it up..wish u well in ur music career,

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