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Nigerian Pastor Kills Church Member In Akwa Ibom, Gideon Idio Arrested For Beating Woman To Death

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Nigerian Pastor Kills Church Member In Akwa Ibom, Gideon Idio Arrested For Beating Woman To Death


December 24, 2015 – Nigerian Pastor Kills Female Church Member In Nkwa Ibiono Akwa Ibom State, Gideon Idio Arrested For Beating Woman To Death

God’s Power City Ministries Pastor Arrested For Beating Female Church Member To Death In His Office

A young pastor simply identified as Gideon Idio has been nabbed by Akwa Ibom Police officials for killing one of his committed church members.

Pastor Idio, the founder of God’s Power City Ministries and a resident of 14 Fine Face Street in Uyo allegedly called the deceased, Joanna Okon for a meeting in his office.

When the victim arrived, they both engaged in a verbal argument that turned into a physical fight. She reportedly slumped and died in Pastor Idio’s office.

To cover up his crime, Idio called the family of the deceased to inform them that she died in a motorcycle accident.

The corpse of the deceased has been taken to a mortuary in Ibiono Ibom while the suspect is cooling off in police custody.



  1. Tee

    December 24, 2015 at 8:06 PM

    My God another one again! this present government has to do something about these charlatans calling themselves pastors. Mostly they are criminals and ex-convicts looking for people to defraud,how can our people be so gullible that they fall for these tricksters. In my street in Lagos there are about 9 churches within 250 yards of each other,come and see noise day and night. it is just insane its time the government regulate these money making enterprises called church, by vetting the owners and all that are associated with them before granting permission to operate, it just sad state of affairs.

  2. Jilo

    December 25, 2015 at 2:19 AM

    Doomsday Pastor, it is all about money as usual. I’m still perturbed about what could have led this self acclaimed Pastor to engage in fight with a female member. May be she was unable to agree with the sharing formula Hummmmmmmm!that is why we have all these Pastors hanging around every nook and craning of Nigeria trying to drain poor people’s wallet.

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