Nigerian Pastor Kills Wife In Benin Edo State, Leaves Suicide Note Behind


nigerian pastor murders wife benin city

Feb 18, 2016 – Nigerian Pastor Murders Wife In Benin Edo State, Leaves Suicide Note Behind

A Pastor identified as Henry Ekukpe who allegedly killed him wife, Patience left a suicide note.

According to Edo State Police investigations, the deceased married Henry back in 2014 but after a series of violent domestic dispute, she packed out of her matrimonial home.

On Sunday, Henry invited Patience for a dialogue under the guise that he wants her back to the house.

It was learnt that when the deceased came, the Pastor used a hidden knife to stab her in different parts of her body and escaped from the area.

The police found a suicide note containing ten questions meant for the late woman.

Here are some of the questions in the note

  1. Have we ever in life went to beg for food ever since we got married?
  2. Has you mother ever brought food for us to eat one day because of hunger?
  3. Have I not told you at the beginning that I hate someone insulting me?
  4. In the first place, did you really come out with your own full mind?
  5. Did you come to marry me because of money or for who I am?
  6. Who gave you the order to pack your property away from our home?
  7. Who is your adviser in this marriage that is polluting your mind against me?
  8. You always pray that God should help you to eat the fruit of your labour?
  9. So no man has the power to take one’s life but today we are going together.
  10. So how do you feel now?

The Pastor of Mountain of Victory and Fire Deliverance Ministry in Benin City has not been seen since Sunday. Close family sources informed police of his past suicide attempts.