Nigerian Pastor Spends Lavishly At Church Member’s Wedding In Onitsha Anambra State

nigerian pastor spends church members wedding

November 29, 2016 – Pictures: Nigerian Pastor Spends Lavishly At Church Member’s Wedding In Onitsha Anambra State

One of the “End Time” Pastors turning heads in Anambra state has been identified as Ebelenna Chukwu, an high school drop who started a deliverance ministry tagged “Jehovah The Mightier Than All” in Onitsha Anambra state.

The controversial pastor who often operate under the influence of some strange spirit is popularly called Excess Power.

Last week, he took a briefcase filled new 100 Naira notes to one of his female church members wedding ceremony and sprayed it on the celebrants and their guests before taking his leave.

Watch the viral video below

Can you hear the band calling him Excess power oooo… Chai! end time don reach o.

14 thoughts on “Nigerian Pastor Spends Lavishly At Church Member’s Wedding In Onitsha Anambra State

  1. But if you look am say how the pastor is throw the money up and down, you go know say na only fufu with okro soup can posibul to make persin having malaria on Saturday. Fufu and okro soup no good bicos even for wedding na wetin dog is chop bifor the dog is sleep. I am use idiom to be talking from today so that only pipul weyris wise is understanding wetin I am say. Wise mens are not talking wetin fools is understanding. Is a thing of confusement.

  2. The Bible says,”By their fruits, we shall know them” The fruits here means the characters, utterances, action, and other quality that separates a true Servants of the Most High God from those wolves in Shepard clothing masquerading as the children of light. Even a non believer will know without any question asked that pastor Ebelema behavior as display in that short video clip doesn’t represents someone who is filled with the spirit of humility, power, and Holy Spirit. His actions and the way his is dancing and spraying money is that of occultic man. I have no idea why people are rounding about seeking help from those that will add to their burden. Our God is merciful and full of compassion in which where two or more people are gather together in His name with faith and in one accord, God of Isreal will answer them through His only begotten son-Jesus Christ of Nazareth. My people, flew or quickly run from every appearance of the devil a day his many agents looking for who to devour.

    • You are not far from the truth when you said that people are running about seek ing help from those that will add to their problem.those running after pastors didn’t know that the pastors are their problems.the so called dreams and nightmares they are having are being sent to them by their pastors so that they will come to church for their so called “deliverance”there by they are being enslaved the more spiritually.I remembered when we were growing up in the 80’s,people go to church to listen to the world of God and change from their bad ways while those who want some powers goes to natives doctors but today people goes to church to look for power and in this case excess people goes to church to get powers irrespective of how their character or attitudes this case I saw but a tout who do not have any thing of good moral to teach and don’t be surprised to hear that that girl may be one of his church members that he is sleeping with and he just was there to impress her.

  3. trust me de husband is in trouble cuz the so call pastor will continue to service dis woman til death do them part, his trying to impress dis lady for good service rendered back ago! am certain that dis most be one of his girlfriends, moreover am not seeing any man of God here, all am seeing is an arrogant/self acclaimed son of devil displaying a show. wat a shame.

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