Ejike Mbaka: Jonathan Did Nothing For Nigerians, Now They Want Buhari To Perform Magic

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November 29, 2016 – Rev Father Ejike Mbaka: President Jonathan Did Nothing For Nigerians, Now They Want Buhari To Perform Magic

Enugu based Catholic Priest Reverend Fr. Ejike Mbaka has called for prayers for President Muhammadu Buhari and has absolved him of blame in the country’s economic challenges.

Mbaka, however, reassured Nigerians that the current economic condition in the country will soon be over.

In a sermon to mark the opening of the 2016/2017 Legal Year, organised by Enugu State Judiciary, Mbaka who prophesied Buhari’s victory in the 2015 presidential election recalled that, in 2012, he prophesied that doom time would follow the oil boom, if there was no good planning of the country’s resources.

“But, the past administration was one of ‘loot as much as you can.’ Look at a place like the Niger Delta and one of them became president and did nothing for his people and now, you want Buhari to perform magic.

But, we are a mono economy and every country depending on oil is suffering the same fate with Nigeria today.

“Buhari is not the cause of hunger in the country; not the cause of starvation in Nigeria.

“The tap root of Nigeria’s economy has been cut; Buhari is just trying to hold a rolling vehicle; a vehicle that the brakes have been destroyed.

“So, Buhari is not the cause. If (former President Goodluck) Jonathan was the president today, the situation would have been worse.

“Economic recession will not last long; the solution will come in a super natural way.
“Just like Ebola, we thought everybody would die; where is it now? Recession will go as Ebola has gone.

So, all we have to do is to pray for Buhari; he has good agenda but, many around him are planning to pull him down.”

14 thoughts on “Ejike Mbaka: Jonathan Did Nothing For Nigerians, Now They Want Buhari To Perform Magic

  1. Is a thing of total palava say wahala don casala like casava for Nigeria weyris cause by Buhari and they are say he no cause am. Some pastor is APC. Some ogbanje is APC. Some mamiwater is also APC. Some wichis and wizads is even following to APC. PDP sef is a vagabond party weyris not diamond weyris respond to shining. Nonsens. Nigeria is a fail. Army is not do am well. PDP was enter and do nonsens. APC have enter and the baddest thing is a happun to us. Are they say hope is dey? Hope is wenting away o.


  3. God punishe you ************** stupid mindless and brainless incompetent president at list ebele have not killed anyone plus he taught you people how accept defeat without bloodshed idiot

  4. Tell them what? You are on you own. Thats your opinion. As for me and many right thinking Nigerians… The right president for this country is YET to come.

    I take a stroll…

  5. Nigerians are very religious people. They believed in reverend fathers, pastors, imams and even babalawos. It is this weakness that these religious leaders make good use of and even our politicians. All of a sudden we have forgotten about body language. Even Lai Moh has just announced to end blame game. So it has been taken over without handling over ceremony.

  6. Thank you Father Mbaka for your wisdom. Sometimes I can’t even fathoms how Nigerians view things whenever they are in distress. The bad economy situation in Nigeria now is inevitable. If it doesn’t happen now it’s going to be catastrophie in future. What this present administration is trying to do is to deal with this for short term and detach us from the chain of perpetual economic hardship.

    Buhari can only try at the moment but cannot perform magic. At least he is doing something about the economy situation unlike his predecessor who only know how to spend and share money. I have that believe just as father Mbaka has said that this problem will soon be overwith. His strategy may not work for us now but he will definitely be successful before the end of 2nd year in the office.

    How do you think our situation will be if Jonathan still remain our president and commander in chief? Let’s be patient folks.The patient dog eats the fattest bone.

  7. Ejike, can you please**** and focus on God’s work. If you are tired of the seminary or priesthood, quit and become a politician. The two don’t mix, ok?

  8. I think by now nigerians are now very much wise to see clearly that their was a stark difference between former administration’s economic stability and the regime of Muhammadu Buhari. The handwriting is already written on the wall for all nigerians too see that we are where we are today because of the profitless and unhelpful economy policy that was introduced by Buhari’s administration in the past one and half year of disaster.

    Hypocrite ones like Mbaka are being paid to rebrand the current administration’s failure through their public declarations of approval of this failed government. We are not surprise to see fake church leaders like this who only want their bank accounts swollen by hiding the real truths from the public.

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