Nigerian Pastor Writes Open Letter To President Buhari

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Sept 24 2015 – Nigerian Pastor Writes Open Letter To Buhari, Obaloluwa Tells GMB To Kill The Goliath Of Corruption

Your Excellency, on the 12th February, 2015, in the course of your electioneering campaign, a Northern Christian body hand­ed you a copy of the Holy Bible. Thank God you did not reject it. I believe that that day’s occasion received heaven’s attention. As a Muslim, you perhaps did not know what it meant, but by receiving the Bible that day ,you actually received a divine authority to rule and lead (Rom. 13:1,

Also, you received the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17). It is a sword of authority (Rom. 13:4). God withdrew it during the military regime, not because He prefers one form of government to another. By implication, God is giving you a fresh mandate to execute judgment upon evil and evildoers, and to promote the utmost good. But beware! Don’t turn the sword against God. If you do, you will sure­ly hurt yourself that way. By giving you His Word, which is the Bible, God wants to rule this country through you.

On the day of installation of a particu­lar leader in the Bible, God handed him a charge from His word too: “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success” (Joshua 1:8). He adhered to the instructions, and as a result, history re­cords that in the many years reign of Joshua, he fought many tough battles than any other leader of his time, and he never lost any.

Your Excellency, please kindly bear with me, I have one assignment for you. Please, put on your eyeglasses. If you look intently with it, you will see that Nigeria is right now lying helpless on the ground. That is the outcome of its fight with a giant, a Goliath called corruption. I wish to say, Mr President, that by your ascendance to power, Nigeria has finally found her David who will confront and kill the Goliath called corrup­tion.

Since the beginning of our nationhood, none of our past leaders was to confront this mon­ster. Rather, whenever and wherever they saw corruption, they ran away like Saul, the king of Israel did from the presence of Goliath until Da­vid showed up. Need I tell you that except this monster is killed, Nigeria could be doomed? But if you can, then you will be Nigeria’s most needed man of the hour; you will be God’s de­light. God will reward you and lift you above your predecessors.

My dear President, if you are determined, God wants you to kill every form of corruption and to bring Nigeria back to the path of righ­teousness. It is what will raise her up. So, be an example and don’t spare whoever is involved in corrupt practices, no matter how highly placed. You will succeed if only you will heed the Word of God that says: “Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear. And those which remain shall hear and fear and shall henceforth commit no more any such evil among you” (1 Tim. 5:20; Deut. 19: 20).

Don’t be partial and don’t be vindictive. You must not fight corruption lightly and hypocriti­cally as pretenders before you had done. Mind you, righteousness is not about religion. Some years ago, a research was carried out to know the countries where people attend church and mosques most and Nigeria came tops. Yes, ours is a nation where streets are filled with churches and mosques. But, all of that amid gross corrup­tion!

Prayer and praying is not necessarily righteous­ness. I don’t know whether there is any nation where the people pray like we do here in Nigeria. Yet, we rank among the first as far as corruption and crimes are concerned. Recently, nine people were hanged by the Indonesian government for drug-trafficking. Out of the nine, Nigeria had four, while the rest of the world had five. These four, no doubt, must have prayed and fasted several days before they embarked on that trip. Who knows too, their religious leaders may have prayed too and held vigil for them.

Years ago, a research was carried out in a state close to Washington DC in America. The research said out of 11,000 prisoners there, Nigerians numbered 6,000 plus. And so it is in almost ev­ery country of the world. Our leaders led in the evils and unrighteousness, while the citizenry followed. This is our reproach; this is the thing that cast Nigeria down. Oh! How are the mighty fallen! Dear President, if combating corruption is all that you would be able to achieve during your tenure, that would be a good accomplishment. And you shall be remembered, both by heaven and earth, for what you have done. Once again, I rejoice with you, and join with the rest of the world to wish you well.

[Obaloluwa is the Senior Pastor of Total Salvation Ministry, Lagos.]

9 thoughts on “Nigerian Pastor Writes Open Letter To President Buhari

  1. They shouldn’t be kill… Since there is constitution act let them face the panalty. Corruption is a coomon disease and it is spread across all sector. I am 100% sure that is occurs in church as well. Killing them is not the best option.

  2. Very good, the pastor acknowledge that prayer and praying is not synonymous with righteousness,Nigeria is full of hypocrites,its disgusting to see the masses being manipulated and defrauded on daily bases. There are so many charlatans using religion to bamboozle the vulnerable masses,so many diabolical things going on in those so religious places. The foremost pillar of Christianity is compassion-LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF , DO UNTO OTHERS AS WOULD WANT THEM TO DO TO YOU. what is giving them the impetus is the fact that there is no good government in the country, when people are faced with normal challenges of life such as looking for work or sick and there is no help from anywhere they turn to these pastors hoping for miracle, if the government can do the right things for the people; like if you have no job you can get some allowance and if no house you can get somewhere to live and if you are sick you can get treatment from any hospital free, you will see that the reasons for their exploitation is diminished and soon they pack up. i am speaking from experience i have lived abroad 27yrs though i go home and i have a house in Lagos, there is 7 churches within 150 yards of each other, there is one very next to my house and the noise these people make is horrendous, i cannot comprehend how anyone will expose themselves and their children to such level of noise, the ignorance is uncanny they don’t know the health implications, when you are in your own house you cannot even receive a phone call not to talk of having a good restful sleep, i had be to moving from room to room just to have a phone conversation in my own house, one day i said to myself this is abhorrent; i went to ask the ‘pastor’ nicely to please reduce the noise so that i can have peace in my own home, guess his response: you are devil you cannot stop me and he just started hitting me and some of his men assisted him to beat me up, he them went on the mic and asking his followers to pray and they started shouting holy ghost fire, man from OBODO OYIBO is disturbing my business holy ghost fire, after that i went to police and reported and i was taking to hospital with bruised and swollen face, i tried to take them to court but since i had to return to UK i could not pursue the matter, but he continues to constitute a nuisance in the neighborhood till today, i even went to Alausa (LASEPA) to file a complaint and wrote to Gov Fashola in the hope that some action might be taken but no joy.even here in the UK i have written to Her Majesty The Queen and got reply; that is the state of affairs in Nigeria, Imagine a student going to school and having sleepiness nights how can such student assimilate what is being taught they will be dosing in the class; their future is already compromised ,or a banker who did not sleep well can easily input 50,000 instead of 5000 into the computer eventually will get the sack, or even a driver who had not slept well can make silly mistake that will cost people’s lives, the ramification is so great that it is affecting the whole fabric of the Nation, only social justice and good governance can rescues us.

  3. D prblm in naija z…even whn a leader had good intensions 2 execute, dos around him who gains 4rm d system, who also stands 2 b affected if changes ar made…. wll frustra8 his efforts. Den @ d end of d day, d result wld b unpalatable & all blames wll go 2 d man @ d top.

    Dia4, 2 win d battle against corruption, some pple must b affected.

  4. God Almighty passed mightily through Nigeria in 2015, but it is a pity that most people who claimed to be Christians knew it not. Only those with unbiased, godly and clear mind knew and understood that President Mohammed Buhari was appointed by God to lead this nation in a critical moment like this for the good of suffering Nigerians. My advise for PMB and his team is to fight the demon of corruption from every fabric of Nigerian society with all strenght without any sentiment and favoritism. Because of God’s love, cries, and prayers of over 170 millions Nigerian people living in serious and abject poverty because of corruption; Jehovah empowered PMB and gave him the mantle to lead Nigeria from the brink of self destruction to paths of economic growth, prosperity, accountability, security, good governance,and corruption free administration. Pastor Obalulowa, thank you sir for this powerful insights. I urge PMB team at the Aso Rock Villa to yield to your warnings and advise from the above. Once again, thank you sir.

  5. After living abroad for 25 years, ten in the U.K. and almost fifteen years in America, I had given up on ever returning to Nigeria, until PMB took over the government. May God prolong President Buhari’s life, endow him with good health and wisdom to achieve his goals for Nigeria. Our country is not easy to rule over, with all these hypocrites hiding under the guise of religion, how can a country be so upside down, despite churches and mosques in every nook and corner? The degree of lawlessness is alarming, with someone describing Nigeria as “worse than a jungle”. The task of reforming Nigeria is not the President’s alone, it starts with every one with a conscience making positive changes in their daily living and lifestyle. Ask yourself, can you in good conscience want to leave Nigeria for your children and their children without change? I hope we appreciate the sacrifices of PMB, who had paid his dues and should now be enjoying his latter years in peace, felt compelled to clear the mess created by senseless younger generations with no conscience, no sense of direction and no qualms as to whether Nigeria survives or not? All they care about is plunging the country’s resources. May they rot in hell and spend our stolen booty on incurable diseases, amen, insha Allah.

    • You have spoken well So our own role from now is to vow before God not be part of Nigeria problem but rather part of the solution A change agent indeed

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