Photos: Saraki Stoned! Senate President Attacked At Ilorin Kwara Mosque During Muslims Eid Prayers

Sept 24, 2015 – Pictures: Saraki Stoned! Senate President Attacked In Ilorin Kwara State During Muslims Eid Prayers

It was a show of shame for embattled Nigerian Senate President Olubukola Saraki today in Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara state.

According to eyewitnesses, Saraki was stoned this morning during Eids prayers.

It was a bit of chaos when some youths chanting Ole (thief) pelted him with bags of pure water and stones.

Those who shared in Saraki’s suffering today were Ibrahim Sulu Gambari (Ilorin’s Emir) Bolaji Abdulahhahi, Kawu Baraje and Razak Atunwa as they were all in the VIP area when attackers stormed the prayer ground.

The big stones thrown in their direction teared down an iron-barricade meant to shield him and other dignitaries.

In the midst of the confusion, Saraki’s bodyguards quickly whisked him away from the prayer ground to prevent further attacks.

8 thoughts on “Photos: Saraki Stoned! Senate President Attacked At Ilorin Kwara Mosque During Muslims Eid Prayers

  1. Finally, Nigerians have already finally awaken from slumber. I have told you many times that you masses are the ones that can determine your faith. you have realized that people like Bukola Saraki, Dasuki, GEJ have destroy your fortune but in order not to ruin your childrens future that is why this action is necessary. Nigerians, I want you to think about it this way, If our situation continue to deteriorate as it was under GEJ, our children are the ones that will suffer for it. If we cannot give them anything we should not ruin their life through our endemic corruption. Some of us who are thinking they have some money may not be able to legacy for their children. what kind of money we have that cannot secure your our childrens life?

  2. 5 months now buhari has been in power has he done any new thing? He is just there probing people, is dat wat dey asked him to do,digging into people’s assets, even if he has d assets to him self he will not help me,wit it so wat is d need,d reduction of his salary has done no one gud,the other part he took from it wat has he done wit it,people are still suffering the economy is so down,joless people are increasing, boko haram’s are terrorizing, are d people u are fighting now d solution to dis? No oga presido, u are not dey try at all

  3. @kedi you so ignorant and s***d feller, you are so confused and your mind is distorted to the point that your reality is ****. if you think probing Saraki will yield nothing, then you need to wake up from your sleep. Request a Shrink’s and ask for God intervention in your life, because you need help, you are so f***** up in the brain. to say Buhari has done nothing in 5 months, what is it your people did for 7 years or so. nothing right. there is power and stable electricity in Nigeria in so what, refinery is working or about to start operation. People have been held accountable for their actions.

  4. Kedi, pls if u dont have Tv try & get one & see wat Buhari did within his 100days in office 1) He sent money to all states owing workers to pay them 2) Our textile company that hasnt bin working is working nw 3) Kaduna & PH Refinaries are ok now. 4) Kerosine is now sold #50 per liter in some states nw e.g kano. 5) Cement is now sold #1200. 6) their is stable light nw 7) office holder cant misuse office money.etc just after few months did u want 2 tel me this administration hasnt touched ur life positively in one way or the other.

  5. What is the mini to calling for resign as a senate president? Enemy of saraki are now happy becouse he was disgrace at ilorin eld praying grand, you too mind yourself out of bad aims for kwarans and saraki by godgrace issure will soon resulve.

  6. People like u are not suppose to be on earth by this time bcos ure enemy of progress……. To hell with you.

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