Nigerian Presidential Election 2015: Vote Change For Peace By Okedele Babatunde Ojo

nigerian presidential election 2015

Jan 13, 2015  – Nigerian 2015 Presidential Election: Vote Change Or Continuity For Another 4Yrs By Okedele Babatunde Ojo

In as much as I would not want to go too political because I am not a politician, I will like to see the next Presidential Election as not a contest between APC and PDP, Jonathan and Buhari, but a call for Change against Continuity.

According to oxford dictionary, for the purpose of this write up, Change is defined as removal (something dirty or faulty) and replacement with another of the same kind while Continuity is the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over time.
That is, if there is vote for Change in politics, it might cleanse and possibly make a nation reclaim her lost glory.

If there is vote for Change, of course, it means new thing in its entirety- this could be a moment of liberation forever for any Nation. A vote for change made South Africa a place where more than 4m Nigerians seek refuge till tomorrow.

On the other hand, a vote for Continuity, means, consistent existence of good or bad services being rendered by the present government.
A vote for Continuity, means trying same thing, several times, definitely nothing new is expected if nothing is changed.

Miracle that fails in six years under a prophet, I am afraid it might take forever to manifest. Changing this prophet or his ministry, to me, never a bad idea.
If only interest of this country could be placed above political sentiments, self-interest or any other thing at all, I believe any shoeless or blind man who wants nothing but better future for this country knows what to vote for between Change and Continuity.

Nigeria has had enough wasted years, we cannot continue in the old way and expect new result.
Even in the university, if a student is performing below expectation, he or she will be advised to withdraw or try another department.

I am not against or in support of any man personally but I want to live in a country where corruption is minimal, where education is well structured, where tax payers enjoy basic infrastructures, where there is equal opportunity irrespective of my background, where fear of prison makes me behave and obey simple laws.

And how can this happen, change possibly??? Because it is clear that continuity can only take us to Chibok- bush of no return!!!

I hope that one day, our country will make us proud, that you and I can confidently pull out our passport anywhere in the world and say, I am a Nigerian!!!

Remember safe trip is just a wish, so good luck… indications that his luck is good and I am afraid if trip with him will be safe any longer. A vote for change is not only wise but a contribution to make Nigeria a better place for ALL!!!

No party, No personal interest, just in the interest of my dear country…..Okedele Babatunde Ojo.