Nigerian Prostitutes: “Our Free Sex Promise Drove Super Eagles To Victory”

nigerian super eagles prostitutes

Feb 03, 2013 – Nigerian prostitutes: “Our Free Sex Promise Drove Super Eagles To Victory”

As Nigerians continue to celebrate the victory of the Super Eagles over the Ivorian national team otherwise, known as the Elephant, Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (ANP) has said that their promise of one-week free sex boosted the Eagles victory against Ivory Coast.

In a telephone chat with DailyPost, ANP General Secretary, Jessica Elvis while congratulating the Super Eagles for flying over the Ivorians said they have not forgotten their promise.

Her words: “We are really happy for the sweet victory over Drogba and co. Our free sex promise contributed massively to this victory and I must thank my members for this decision.

Speaking further, a visibly elated Elvis said: “Our target is not to get to the semi final or the final, all we want is the cup and with the usual support of ANP, Super Eagles must fly,” she said.

“We are making plans to send more ANP members to South Africa to support the Eagles for the next match,” she added.

Asked if there would be free sex for the victory over Ivory Coast, Jessica after a long laughter said: “Ashawo, come f’**k, na gold we talk no be semi final.

“Seriously we are ready to declare one week of free sex if they get the gold,” she assured.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria defeated the Elephants of Ivory Coast in a quarter-final encounter that was played this afternoon in South Africa, with Mba scoring a brilliant winning goal.

[Daily Post]

22 thoughts on “Nigerian Prostitutes: “Our Free Sex Promise Drove Super Eagles To Victory”

  1. U girl or ladys shuld not cause us bad luck wit ur comment, it was not ur promise of free sex dat made dem win. Bt dey hardwork nd d God of soccer dat was on dey side so pls shutup.

  2. U girls or ladys did’nt boost super eagle wit ur promise,dey praticed very wel n God wz on dere side.afterall dey av bin avin sex b4 n dey av bin a4din it.

  3. see me see wahala. were dis stupid fools comot from. idiot. ashawo. aids. una b demons. una feel say dat una demonic talk go make God vex. no way. idiot.

  4. Tunda go fire all of una wer b ashawo 4 dis nigerian.ashawo na work..?U pple’s r disgrace to nigerians idiot…!!!

  5. the super eagles tried in their victory but all the talk about promises of free sex. that talk should not be given twice thought because it may bring bad luck to their hard work

  6. I rebuke evry foul spirit 4rm d pit of hell in JESUS name, no weapon fashion by dis evil doers against d super eagles dat wl prosper, AMEN.

  7. Jessica, is that what you are training your children. I believe your children will not be happy about you,and God is not pleased with you. What is your gain from all this rubbish. You are just a disgrace to your children,family,Nigerians and to the whole world. I believe many may have try to caution you but your heart is to rigid. If i may ask you is that what your generations have been doing???

  8. Abomination! Prostitutes nw taking like gods. May God of heaven shut those mouths that spks abomination. Prostitutes will go 2 lake of fire if they they dnt repend. Naija government shld nt gve room 2 these people. Their aim is 2 destroy our children, culture n fear of God. Harlotry is a sin against God, our body and our moral values. God help 9aija.

  9. U girls did nt av common sense, u ar nt serious in ur tinkin.wat i knw is dat we really played ivory coast 2 d end n we made it thru 2 semi final glory b 2 God in heaven.

  10. which kind yeye promise b dt,u think say dey no have money to carry 1st class ashawo. …abeg stop ur bad luck

  11. The media shouldn’t print this kind of thing.ALL I know is that God is on our we should do Godwill Nigeria from a proudly Nigerian

  12. Senseless people, boasting in adultry and fornication you will all rot in hell> Ashawo kobokobo, bastards.

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