Nigerian Rains Curses On Politicians & Those Making Life Unbearable For The Suffering Masses

nigerian curses politicians

May 13, 2016 – Nigerian Rains Curses On Politicians & Wealthy People Making Life Unbearable For The Suffering Masses

Eleda we have come forth, when heaven lies at the tick of a bomb, when hell blazes in the spoken word. We come for hope and truth’s pure ray. We come to wish our strife away. Life was not what we prayed for under Goodluck Ebele Jonathan – it got worse every hour. It is still not we prayed for under Muhammadu Buhari, every second, it gets harder.

Jonathan, the boy who had no shoes managed to snatch our dog-eared shoes from our feet. That self-confessed son of a poor fisherman came to snatch the few fingerlings we had in our nets. When we protested, he dished us tadpoles to eat and called it the rarest kind of nutritious fish. The one we hoped would accord us a breath of fresh air emerged to blow as another clean breath of fresh stench.

We have grown from the era when our grief was of fuel subsidy to the era when our grief is of fuel scarcity. When Ebele baba removed that mythical subsidy we barely enjoyed. Fuel we used to buy at N65 sold at N141, N150, and N160. Under Buhari, we have bought fuel at N150 through N500 per litre. Now, our almighty Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu and company have pegged fuel price at N145/litre. Consequently, a decent meal has become the rarest luxury: vegetables and tubers, palm oil and vegetable oil, kerosene and gas, now sell at abominable prices.

We cannot afford to fuel our cars: N3, 500 can no longer fill our vehicle tanks, we have to spend between N5, 000 and N8, 500 – or more when the fuel marketers decide to hoard fuel in order to sell it at a higher price. The price of public transport has gone through the roof. Yesterday, we spent N250 from Sango Ota to Ado Odo; today we pay N600 just to get there. Iyana Ipaja, Ikeja to Owode and Agbado respectively now cost N700 to and fro vis-à-vis the initial N300, on our worst days. It’s scarier for those of us who work on Victoria Island.

Reluctantly, we keep faith in the incumbent regime, hoping President Buhari will remain a man of honour and keep his pledge to rid our lives of debilitating greed and corruption. But as we keep faith in Buhari, we remember how incumbent Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, taunted former President Jonathan’s bumbling oil subsidy and fuel price regime in 2014. Through spasmodic fits of politesse and duplicitous exuberance, he stated that: “Now we should be enjoying cheap fuel if the price of oil has dropped globally…If the price increases in the country when the price of oil goes up globally, then it should also reduce when the price of oil drops.

“PMS price reduction by N10. Now they listen. Oil the raw material drop (sic) over 50%, N10 is just about 10%. Good try but Nigeria can get a beta deal,” Fashola subsequently tweeted. He has been discomfortingly quiet since the government increased pump price of fuel.

Today, compatriots are saying that Buhari has forgotten his roots. They claim he has declared war on us whose fates he swore to protect. They claim that like Jonathan, he has chosen to wade deaf, against the storm and current of public opinion. But Camp Buhari would have none of that. Buhari apologists argue that his seemingly savage policies are fundamental to our healing as a people and a nation.

Do not be deceived by the furor of our hastily conceived citizens’ protests on Facebook, Twitter and the streets of Abuja, we shall tire of the novelty of revolutionary slogans and mass actions very soon. Our backs shall remain against the wall. When Buhari’s policies bite harder, we will simply crawl into the walls like irritating wall geckos.

Our labour leaders and columnists of note are quietly eating up their words in the wake of ‘crucial’ meetings with the ruling class. Soon, they will tell us to ditch the placards and save our chants till more auspicious hour. Whispers of currency shall smother our rant and the revolutionary cry. At the end, everything will remain the same. Our fates shall bend and break according to the whims of the ruling class.

Thus we seek the comfort of your infinite mercies against the scourge of our merciless leaders. We pray that you repay our leaders in their own kobo. Dear author and finisher of faith, please rewrite our pitiful fates as the Christians pray. And even though “the pen has been lifted” as the Muslims say, please rework our fates as you do to your most favoured faithful.

If our leaders are truly on the right path…if truly, they lead with honesty and unpretentious fear of you in their hearts, treat them as you would, your most favoured among humankind. But if they lead us with disdain and deceit in their hearts, treat them the way you treated Abu Ashram and the Abyssinians when they rose against Mecca.

Afflict their mansions to tear down the comfort they build to our discomfort. Upset their bellies and purge them of the provisions they gorge like gluttons. As we spend our finest moments in darkness, make their access to light a luxury of the past. Reorder their fates that they too may go to sleep and rise in darkness. Make their wives hiss and fret for want of fresh air like our wives do. Make their kids and grandkids flail and choke in the grasp of unforgiving heatstroke, like our kids do.

Bless them with noontime heat and bedtime heat even in the rains. And every time they seek from you the mercy they fail to accord us, treat their prayers the way you would, the wantonness of the gluttonous and accursed. Make their prayer points and praise-worship trail off in confusion. Smite their patronizing prophets till they become not much in sight.

They pledge that money they save from anticorruption campaign and fuel subsidy removal would be used to improve infrastructure, agriculture and health sectors; if they fail to live up to their pledge, make their kids expire to indecipherable sickness and malnutrition right before their eyes, like peasant kids dying in agrarian communities for lack of infrastructure, balanced diet and good primary health care. Deny their trophy wives and newborns of oxygen and the best medical care as they deny kids of poor folk breathing their last, while their mothers are still pushing, in hospital labour rooms and corridors of death nationwide.

Bless their kids with gifts of patricide and mindless violence like they do to our jobless youth for political gains, every day. Turn their swimming pools to raging deeps to drown their progeny and trophy wives, like the Oke Afa canal that claimed our poor, beloved folk fleeing from death, to their deaths, during the Ikeja bomb blast.

Subject their lives and those of their loved ones to the elements of bad roads as they do to us. Blind their pilots’ to the safest course every time they flee our land for overseas medical checkup. Make their planes plummet to crash on humid rocks and plunge in the sea, as our beloved’s in the throes of bird-strike, and our dreams in the face of stillbirth.

Let them not enjoy the fruits of their labour. Make their Ivy League-trained wards their sources of everlasting sadness. Make them the bad harvest of their inordinate lust for wealth at our expense. Despite their wealth, afflict them with the poverty of good health, peace and contentment. And for every one of them seeking our downfall, we pray: “Faja’alahum ka’asfin m ma” kulin.” Amin ya Rabbi! Amen! Ase Edumare!

[Oladapo Olatunji writes from Lagos]

11 thoughts on “Nigerian Rains Curses On Politicians & Those Making Life Unbearable For The Suffering Masses

  1. Is this not this same subsidy that was furiously kicked against during GEJ’s time? What has changed now? Minimum wage is still N18,000. Out refineries are yet to start giving their optimum output. Life is worse off now than when the subsidy was first attempted to be removed. So how did the syrup that once tasted bitter on the tongues of the opposition now change to honey? Shall we continue to condemn a deed because of the doer and not the content of the deed?

    The timing of this subsidy removal is as bad as it was at the first time they tried it, yet the NLC/TUC that once fumed with a lion’s fury at first have now become a tame lamb, given their full support. This is how hypocritical that politics could be. It is well.

  2. Amenoooooooooooooooo, they are there to steal and lie to us, and to tope it all put us in greet debt, they will borrow in our nation name and steal it again, the worst is they put the money in swiss bank or other european county, those county now use our nation money to build their enconomy, our leadrs are blind with greed.

  3. This curses hot o. Politicians make una change o before this curse will start working in your lives, families and even to your children whom you always send abroad to live and enjoy their lives.

  4. This piece you just read was written by somebody with high hopes like everyone else, in the new administration but was fatally disappointed by the outcome of things.

    I take a stroll…

  5. Honestly, our nation is not supposed to be where we are today if not for those corrupt bastards, past heartless Head of State, and our highly corrupt and unpatriotic politicians at all levels of government. Majority of our wicked politicians now take their girlfriends, wives, daughters to America, UK, Canada, and other European countries to give birth to their children abroad because they see no hope or mean to Nigeria survival and resurrection from many years of their looting, embezzlement, mismanagement, misappropriation, money laundering operations, and corruption. Nigeria is the most blessed nation in the world with various natural resources, human resources, great weather, very fertile soils, and great oceans. But why are we all thriving to go abroad to seach for a greener pastures when God Almighty has given all we need? Is because we lack great leaders like great Chief Obafemi Jeremiah Awolowo who transformed the entire Southwest region before the independent in the First Republic. But thank God for president Buhari who is gradually dealing with crooks, looters, and criminals who have embezzled the national treasure to bankruptcy within a short time. For the first time in our democracy, the government released federal budget publicly for us to see. President Buhari is a great blessing for those who can see, reason , discern and feel, he has good intentions to transform our nation. To those people like Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, Abudulsalam Abubakar, brutal Sanni Abacha, and Goodluck Jonathan we leave you all, your associates, friends, and families to God divine judgements. You have abused God’s favor to serve us to enrich your pockets at the expense of over 170 millions Nigerians. Look at Nigeria today, our educational system is fast decaying, infrastructures are all in terrible shapes, hospitals are messy and underfunded, our military was paralyzed by massive looting of defense budget and soldiers benefits, our economy is in seroius troubles because of looting and lack of investment, electricity generation is at the lowest level, only a fool and wicked soul will expect PMB admistration to fix all our problems of over 40 years in 11 months, 4 years or 8 years, bUT there wI’ll be great pRogers before his first term in office. I trust PMB administration to put things right, but they need our prayers, support, good ideas, and most importantly, our patient. Thanks brother Olada po Olatunji for that piece.

  6. D so call agitator is still hoping on buhari…
    He hasn’t find any fault on him yet bcos i believe he z one of his god just like hw every other northern sees him..
    It was dis so call buhari dat once told us during GEJ administration wen fuel subsidy was remove dat nigerians don’t need such things atall dat all those things are fraud yet dsame hypocrite turned around 2 do dsame tin..
    alot of his agitation dat he made during those time which he is repeating now z uncountable…soon d air will blow and d fowl nyarsh will open wide.

    • Fifelomo, I wonder what he nailed. Evading the real issue at hand to talk about how our past leaders have been corrupt, is it what we are talking about? Buhari himself, along with his sycofants, had condemned this subsidy when Jonathan tried to remove it in 2012. Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna State was a very keen voice against it during GEJ. How hypocritical it is for the same man to now implore the masses to be calm at this point in time! We simply have many insincere hypocrites in this country, as well as amongst the commentators in this forum.

  7. Don’t let me join u in that curse oo u that said Buhari is an Angel Mtcheeeww. Anyway let me add just one more to that curse,They will sleep and not wake up!!!

  8. I thought they say buhari is an honest man but u all dat support him will suffer d most. I rest my case in dis chain regime.

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