Nigerian Singer Queen Ure Survives As Fire Destroys Her House In Omole Lagos

queen ure fire outbreak

December 12, 2015 – Nigerian Singer Queen Ure Narrates How She Survives Fire Outbreak Which Destroyed Her House In Omole Lagos

In a recent chat with The Entertainer, Queen Ure revealed how she miraculously survived the fire that gutted her home recently in Omole, Lagos.

The singer and motivational speaker who lives alone recounted her experience and thanked God for sparing her life.

In her words:

“It’s a miracle that I’m alive to tell the story, it’s a miracle that I survived the fire out break at all. Please join me in thanking The Lord for his mercies. I was sleeping in the sitting room and had dozed off. I don’t know the exact time the fire started but I woke up at about 12.30am, it was actually the sound of the explosion of the TV in the room that woke me up!

“I was in shock; I didn’t exactly know what to do. I live alone so I tried to get water but I knew it would be useless because the whole room was already on fire and the entire house was filled with smoke so I ran out and from the balcony I started shouting for help.”

“It was really bad. Before people could come around, get a ladder and start making efforts to put out the fire it had done a lot of damage but I thank God for life.
“In fact, while they were trying to put it out the air conditioner exploded, you can imagine the flames.

When I looked at my body, I was black all over. That was when I realized I must have been there sleeping for a long while, thank God for the sound of the explosion of the TV, I probably wouldn’t have woken up; I just thank God,” says Queen who also reveals that her entire bedroom was burnt and she lost everything including electronics, jewelry, shoes, all her clothes and important documents.

“I’m great, I’ve been singing and thanking God and celebrating, if you put a dead body beside material things, it won’t wake up. I’ll replace all those things I lost by God’s grace, this was not a tragedy, it’s a big testimony.”

3 thoughts on “Nigerian Singer Queen Ure Survives As Fire Destroys Her House In Omole Lagos

  1. My dear, I thank God for you. Like you rightly said, a dead man cannot count his blessings. God will give you speedy recovery of all you lost to that fire.

  2. Thank God you narrowly escaped fire gut which could have resulted into untimely death.

    Jesus is great all the time and all the time Jesus is great.

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