Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund NSITF Scam: Ngozi Olejeme & Board Of Directors Are Fraudsters


Ngozi Olejeme

April 5, 2015 – Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund NSITF Scam Alert: Ngozi Olejeme & Board Of Directors Are Fraudsters


If Nigerians know how much was allegedly invested in computerization, which have been secretly guided… they will marvel at the rate of embezzlement that have crippled and choked NSITF to death by its Chairman and Board of Directors.

The Employees Compensation Act which was enacted in 2010 saddles NSITF management board with administering the scheme in such a way that an average employee with injury in the course of work or even at work will enjoy rehabilitation or compensation as the case may be… but this main purpose of NSITF is farthest from being achieved due to its incompetent and corrupt Chairman/MD.

Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme and her company have run NSITF and TRUST FUND’s entire Management down the drains with gross misconduct of managerial affairs and colossal embezzlement of its fund since she, Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme assumed office. Immediately the Act was signed and ready for implementation, the first move by the board was to engage a consultancy firm for recruitment, which it charged hopeless job seekers N1,000 each across the Federation… this same consultancy firm is owned by Mrs. N. Olejeme. The beneficial allowances for the workers are being denied and deprived of them by the autocratic and dictatorial leadership of same Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme. NSITF and TRUST FUND office buildings in different states of the Federation are owned by the Chairman of NSITF and TRUST FUND.

What happened to the humongous money that was paid into NSITF and TRUST FUND account late last year? With the alleged connivance of PenCom, the NSITF is also the board of Trust fund pensions and of course every Nigerian know that over N50 billion worth of pension assets is in the custody of Trust fund… Can she account for this money after being audited? She used all of them to campaign for Delta State Gubernatorial seat leaving the NSITF administration in a shambolic state and in a mess.

While government appointed the MD and three executive directors to run the scheme, the board stripped them of their executive management functions and replaced a serving police officer with the power to ‘fire and hire’ and transfer without allowance. Further investigations proved that her brother-in-law is the Executive Director of Operations. Whilst Mr. Mike Ogbe, a serving Police officer is in charge of NSITF and TRUST FUND and this same Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme runs this Federal Government scheme with him as though it is their own personal/family business, all the consultancy firms affiliated to NSITF and TRUST FUND belong to them. She takes travel allowance while she relaxes at home and when she eventually travels, she gallivants the world in chartered private jets. All embezzled from NSITF Funds. There is high level of corruption in NSITF and TRUST FUND, there are no seats for staff and visitors, the workers most of the time contribute money for enforcement drive, major facilities and fittings in different NSITF and TRUST FUND offices are dilapidated.

EFCC fights corruption in Nigeria and we the citizens of this country are caught in the web of corrupt leaders, denting the image of this federal government Parastatals and frustrating the efforts of the government in fighting corruption. Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme claims that EFCC has some shares in her illegal business(es) and she has what it takes to get them compromised with her affluence… that, as far as she is concerned, The C.S.O to The President is solidly behind her.

EFCC should investigate who is Weight Obuah, the Executive Director of Operations, Head Office ABUJA. He is the immediate younger brother of the C.S.O to the President Gordon Obuah. The Area 11 branch Office of NSITF, is headed by EDNA STOW as the Principal Manager, FCT Branch. Weight Obuah’s wife… is this supposed to be a family business?

EFCC should also investigate who Mr. Mike Ogbe is, a serving Police officer whose wife (Catherin Ogbe) heads the ICT Department in NSITF Head office, Abuja. Mr. Mike interferes and detects the con-current affairs of NSITF and TRUST FUND. Mrs. N. Olejeme runs the affairs of NSITF and TRUST FUND from her house in Maitama, threatening any assertive staff to her with Presidency C.S.O, because she feels above the law and untouchable. We believe in the fact that EFCC fights corruption and they should investigate NSITF and TRUST FUND.

There should be approval of social security bill to NSITF and TRUST FUND … Can the likes Mrs. Olejeme with her baseless background handle this?

She is busy lavishing tax payers money, travelling and touring the globe with extravagant life style, flying in and out of the country with executive private charted jet (as she flew in recently from Canada). The most expensive houses in Asaba are owned by her, her compounds in Maitama, Abuja is like car garage with hundreds of latest expensive bullet cars/jeeps same in Asaba… meanwhile NSITF have no pool vehicles for enforcement drive in the branches of NSITF, Nationwide… this is clear misappropriation of funds for NSITF and TRUST FUND, let’s not forget about her record during Obasanjo’s regime, when she was appointed as a board member at ajaokuta steel company, she was caught in money laundering, that was two years ago though, invited by EFCC, …this case we believe is not being swept under the carpets of the scene.

EFCC should ensure that its long arm of justice catches up with Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme and rid NSITF and TRUST FUND of the cankerworm that has retarded its development and output.

The chairman and entire management of NSITF and TRUST FUND have looted the account of the investments and properties department. The Chairman, Mrs. N. Olejeme own a property worth billions of naira (tax payers money) at #25 Kamji Crescent Off Lake Chad Crescent, Maitama Abuja, Claiming to live in a rented apartment at 25 Rovuma Street, Off Limpopo Street, Maitama Abuja. Her properties abroad (in the following places) Canada, America, South Africa, etc. after creation of a unit called PROPERTY & INVESTMENT UNIT in Kagini Branch of NSITF, headed by one Mr. chuka (former first bank staff) and accomplice of Mrs. N. Olejeme who had always aided her in all her money laundering activities. The same Chuka, is a signatory to NSITF account- SHOULD THIS BE SO? Both the director and management staff of the investment and properties should be probed thoroughly.

Staff are denied of their allowances, while the management have created an uncondusive environment for them. The average NSITF and TRUST FUND staff is being held in bondage and live abject state of life… courtesy, Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme Chairman, NSITF and TRUST FUND.

EFCC should investigate NSITF and TRUST FUND, Fraud persist in NSITF and TRUST FUND. It is imperative for the government to know that Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme is morally and educationally incompetent to remain the chairman of NSITF, as this would undermine the noble efforts of the Government to provide social security for the governed. She should immediately be ousted and made to account for the billions of naira she and her cohorts have carted away from the coffers of the NSITF funds for her gubernatorial race and exotic mansions in Abuja/Asaba.

This can be authenticated through her main agent, one Mr. Orlando Njokama fully based in Asaba for acquisition of land and houses in different states of the Federation.

Together with Mr. Mike the serving Police officer, they have ruined NSITF… Government should therefore investigate Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme and her cohorts and salvage the Fund from these fraudsters.

[Written by anonymous staff member]