Nigerian Woman Slaps Chinese Lady At Shoprite In Lekki Lagos For Scratching Her Car,Suspect Arrested

nigerian woman slaps chinese lady shoprite lekki lagos

July 9, 2016 – Nigerian Woman Slaps Chinese Lady At Shoprite In Lekki Lagos For Scratching Her Car, Suspect Arrested For Indecent Assault

A middle age Nigerian wedding planner has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a Chinese expatriate at Shoprite Plaza in Lekki Lagos.

The suspect identified as 30-year-old Salihu Onaivo gave Anugwon Chenshien Xu a slap on the face because she scratched her Toyota Camry ‘tear rubber’ car at the parking lot of Shoprite Plaza in Lekki.

Salihu was arraigned before an Igbosere Magistrates’ Court today where she pleaded not guilty to unlawful assault and slapping charges read to her.

She was admitted to bail in the sum of N100,000 with 2 sureties in like sum.

The case will come up for hearing on July 26 2016.

17 thoughts on “Nigerian Woman Slaps Chinese Lady At Shoprite In Lekki Lagos For Scratching Her Car,Suspect Arrested

  1. Naija girls lawlessness of d highest order. How I wish d Chinese girl should drag this matter!.

  2. drag which matter @ Titus? she just slapped her what is wrong with that? that is not even half of what chinese people do to Nigerians in their country.

  3. Good they treat Nigeria more than d slap she got. nice 1 just d small ma court everything na court now

  4. if say na for china this thing hapened, the person dat scratched the car will go to 8yrs imprisonment wit hard labour for driving recklessly and damaging some bodys property or they stone her to death.chinese people wicked o..

  5. U no see as una mentality reach? Somebody just display her bad character outside and u are here defending her. So bicos she’s a foreigner they should treat her like nobody abi? I can see that some touts are gradually patronising this blog.

  6. Every foreigner in there has become expatriate,follow follow and mumu people,how i wish you guyz know these racist chinese nation well.

  7. Stupid policemen and idiotic judge. Nigerians that molested and killed in China by Chinese people ..were they arrested? Nigerians will be harrassed abroad and the white pigs will get to Nigeria and harass them on their own soil…

  8. i wish this people understand how Nigerians are treated outside,even the colour is even deceiving us,tell us where free and fair hearing are given to nigerians and top of it in our country we are 2nd or even 3rd citizen.Nigerians should wake up

  9. Am sure the babe is not mad, maybe the Chinese does not have manner as well.They are racist of the highest order but of course I don’t expect a public display like that.The pathetic thing is that if a black woman charges a Chinese to court on an offence as grave as rape,she will not win so why do we turn this occurence to news in Nigeria?

  10. @efe timipreye is like u r the ***** dat is patronizing this ***** for not knowing that everybody has right for his or her own opinion, wellshall i dont blame u for commenting rubbish bcus i knw u havnt gone out of nigeria talkless of travelling to china to know how they treat black people there.

  11. Bail of 100,000 naira! Do we really have a good judge here in Nigeria?paying that huge amount for slapping a for foreigner? This is nothing but a clear injustice. That means you can even crucify your own children to please a foreigner. Shame on you nigerian judges. When have you seen nigerian winning a Case in abroad. How many blacks have you seen being killed in US for instance receive justice? Yet you are here sharpening your own sword to slaughter your children for foreigners. Foolish judges,they will pervert justice because of what they want to eat and get from expatriates.

  12. Some people shaaaa,if it’s paining u dat d Chinese lady chop slap,den better go jump inside bush,im sure d woman didn’t just slap d chinchin without any provocation,nd for those drinkin panadol for d Chinese headache,every1 hear has d right to air their view,why wud u open ur dustbin nd call some1 a oyinbo like dat scratch my car,d guy didn’t even stop,i chased him nd double crossed him,only for d fool to tell me to do my worst,he didn’t even av d decency to appologize, na so I use my car scatter d fool headlamp,thk God for rav4,just had a minor dent on my own car,if u see d shock on d guy’s face,na so i tell d oyinbo to do his worst,wit a big smile I drove off!

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