Nigerian Woman Wakes Up In Mortuary 48 Hours After Death

woman wakes up in mortuary

Sept 1st, 2012 – Nigerian Woman Wakes Up In Mortuary 48 Hours After Death

We live in a world where miracles happen everyday. A 21-year old woman, Adora Ugwu who plans to be a soldier met with her untimely death on her way to write her UMTE.

On that fateful day, Adora was traveling to her home state of Enugu for recruitment into the Nigerian army when the vehicle she was travelling with had a head-on collision with a transport bus.

25 people including Adora died instantly in the horrific road accident that happened along Enugu-Markudi expressway at Amoka in Udi, Enugu State on the 24th of June, 2012.

Immediately after the crash which was promptly reported to the Enugu State Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) by its Delta State Sector Commander Lukas Ikpi who met the accident while travelling on the road, the dead including Adora were evacuated to Our Saviour Hospital morgue at 9th mile. But she was not meant to stay among the dead for long.

After her parents had wept and mourned her, they planned to bury her 2-day old corpse that had been confined to the mortuary.

At the morgue, the attendants were putting in place all the deeds of mortification when suddenly there was a sound; a sneeze, it was. They looked around, then another one! Behold, the body being prepared for claim by the relatives had just sneezed.

The dead don’t sneeze, they reasoned. Adora, whose body was being prepared, is not dead after all. When Saturday Mirror asked her what she felt on her first realization of consciousness, she said: “I thought we were all sleeping. When I asked people around where I was, she said they said I had an accident.

I cannot remember anything that happened when I was at the mortuary.” When Adora was discovered to be alive, her relative who had come to identify her was immediately called phoned the others from the morgue. Tears turned to felicitation. From the morgue she was later transferred to the Federal Orthopaedic Hospital in Enugu where is currently receiving treatment and spoke with Saturday Mirror.

Adora revealed that she is from Enugu State. She added that she was in Benue to take her JAMB after which she was travelling down to Enugu for army recruitment when the accident occurred.

Miracle do happen!

51 thoughts on “Nigerian Woman Wakes Up In Mortuary 48 Hours After Death

  1. This is an amazing life experience! It is an indication and a pointer dat d coming of d Lord is at hand. God must av heard d cries and seen d agony of adora's parents and loved ones. It is indeed a miracle…….

  2. The parent should Thank God,GOD PREPARE THE GAL 4 A PURPOSE.that is to tell u hw wanderfull GOD is.It the Lord doing.

  3. God works marvelously in our life.Adora my advice 2 u is dat dont fail to praise God in any situation u find urself gud or bad,God feels evry body’s pain and he has plan 4 us wen is nt ur time no mata wat d devil dos it does’nt wrk. And i pray u wil fulfil dat wic God has destined u 2 in jesus name.

  4. God is good all the time , there is nothing My God can not do, HE that brings the Death Back to live, this is a pure justification that my God liveth, HE is good and able to do all things.

  5. Let the name of the Lord be praised forever….. Our God is a miraculous God. Thank God for the life of Miss Adora. God is wonderful !!!

    • To me, she was not dead in d first place. She went into a coma nd was counted as dead. It does happen. A dead person cannot be resurrected yet until d d kingdom of god comes.

  6. It is the confirmation of what is written in the holy scripture, " the dead will rise again" We are serving a living God! My Advice to you Adora is that God has a special assignment for you in this world and let it be Known to You that you have not done it. The best you will do for God is to use your miracle to win souls for God. Always praise and worship God, He loves you. You are truly his daughter.

  7. now all of u including TB (Tithe Bandit) Joshua who say when pipo die they go to heaven, Adora says ” I cant remember anything”. Y dint she say I saw Atta Mills or Muluzi or MJ or even Taribo West, of Jesus in heaven?

    Read your bibles and be not cheated.

  8. the fact is that Adora was not dead, she was in coma.
    if she didn’t remember anything then she was unconscious.
    Doctors in Nigeria are quick to pronounce people dead, even without proper medical examination.
    over the years i believe that many people certified dead would have woken up, but quiet unfortunately they would have been in their grave.
    if she was buried immediately like the Muslims, then what would have happened to Adora? she would have eventually died of suffocation in her grave

    • @ Nice u are correct and i am happy u raised it and its true .. i beleive most ppl are buried alive too when they are not dead. The fucked up doctors that dont know thier onions should check properly before pronouncing someone dead u know. Fucked up Doctor

  9. There is no one lyk u Lord,u do mighty tins u do glorious tin,thou art faithful Lord aweasome is ur name.indeed is a great miracle

  10. It was a second chance for her, she is lucky she could have one, many dont have, and many wished they could have. Lucky her, she better turn at right.

  11. She did not die, she was in coma, because of poor hospital equipments nobody found out that she was still alive. if she died realy and came back you will have vission of hell or heaven. she was unconscious and in coma.

  12. Yes, God is grt. Similar thing happen to me, was in as coma for 10 days. Here I am 2day. God’s power is insatiable.

  13. We all worship God, and I believe in him. We do have so many carpenter doctors who can’t not do the right job, this lady might have been in coma and God really save have , because she might have been buried alive . She still need to thank God for saving . Nigeria need more training and to more patient dealing with people.

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